As noted, there’s now speculation on Roman Reigns teaming with Samoa Joe to face Daniel Bryan and Rowan at WWE SummerSlam on Sunday. It’s believed that the big reveal will come on tonight’s SmackDown, the final show before SummerSlam.

Above is video of a WWE producer speaking to Joe after he helped Reigns out of the car last night following the attempted attack by the mystery car driver. Joe said he hopes the person is found before he can find them.

“What’s going through my head after I saw something like that? A lot of things,” Joe said. “One of them is, all the fans out there were so quick to point a finger at me. I’m known to bend the rules to take things to a level that may be uncomfortable, but that’s something different, needs to be dealt with differently.

“What are my thoughts? My thoughts are, I hope somebody finds who’s doing what they’re doing before I find them. My thoughts are, don’t doubt me because who was the first guy out there pulling Roman out of the wreckage? My thoughts are, I’ve always told you people the truth, it’s just y’all don’t wanna hear it.”

WWE confirmed that Reigns was cleared to appear on tonight’s SmackDown from Detroit. He tweeted the following and said the car accident was no accident: