WWE Hall of Famer Sean "X-Pac" Waltman recently discussed WWE NXT on the USA Network and Jon Moxley missing the AEW All Out pay-per-view during the latest episode of his X-PAC 12360 podcast. You can see the full podcast above, or download it via iTunes and Spotify. The show sent us the following highlights today.

Waltman predicted that NXT will eventually beat RAW or SmackDown in the ratings, at least once. NXT premieres on USA in just over two weeks, beginning with the September 18 episode.

"This is my prediction, that within six months they are going to beat Raw or SmackDown in the ratings at least once," Waltman said. "Maybe way sooner than six months…. I really do, I am not just saying that to try and hype up the positive attitude. Just being optimistic, I honestly think that that's going to happen."

Waltman also spoke about Jon Moxley missing Saturday's AEW All Out pay-per-view due to a bad case of MRSA in his elbow. Moxley was set to face Kenny Omega, but he's been replaced by PAC. Waltman said the injury is a big deal.

"That's a big deal and there's been other cases of this lately and I am concerned, when you're going around and you're and doing shows like outside shows-- you don't know when you go to a certain promotion, are they cleaning the rings? The canvas? Cause a lot of times that doesn't happen, right? Thank God they took him out of this [his match at All Out] and didn't just try to cover it up… this is something I've seen a bit lately, and the more that guys are going around and traveling from here and there and picking this up and maybe spreading it before you even know you have it. It's good they took him out of this, obviously is not ideal and I think they did the best they could as far as replacements go," Waltman said.