Sound Off: Roddy Piper's Letter Reading Promo Vs. Randy Orton (Videos)

This past Tuesday on SmackDown, Randy Orton cut a promo where he read a letter from a "fan" about his attacks on WWE Champion Kofi Kingston (video above at the 2:25 mark). Orton read the letter and then revealed the person who wrote it was actually Kofi's son. Orton and Kingston will meet for the WWE Championship at WWE Clash of Champions on September 15.


Orton's letter reading promo was somewhat similar to Roddy Piper's promo from 1984 when he was feuding with Jimmy Snuka. You can check out Piper's promo in the video below (begins at 1:25 mark).

Today question: which was the better promo?

Sound off with your thoughts in the "Comments" below and tomorrow we'll post a follow-up with the top quotes, along with any ideas that may have trended throughout your replies.

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