As seen above, WWE posted video of Cathy Kelley talking to Roman Reigns and The Rock to promote the “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw” movie, which hits theaters on Friday. Reigns makes his big screen debut with the film, starring as Mateo, a brother to Rock’s Hobbs character.

Cathy asked why they think WWE fans need to see the movie. Reigns said it’s almost like a pro wrestling show.

“You know, I think it just revolves around what we do in the ring – great storytelling, just thrilling action, with a sprinkle of comedy here and there,” Reigns said. “It’s almost like a bit of a wrestling show, it really is because it has a little bit of everything, a little bit of every nuance from every different form of performing arts, and just at the end of the day, it’s got great action, it’s got great superheroes, an excellent villain, and a lot of heart.”

The Rock talked about how they wanted to pay homage to the original Fast franchise characters and stories, but still keep their own identity with this movie. He said they also wanted to raise the bar with the action, and he really wanted to make people laugh with this film. Reigns praised Rock and co-star Jason Statham for their chemistry.

Rock also talked about how the Samoan culture is represented in the “Hobbs & Shaw” movie. The story sees Rock return to the island to call on his group of brothers to go to war with him. Rock has talked about how they made sure to stay true to the culture.

“Surprisingly the Samoan culture, as it is so insanely represented in the WWE, but it’s never been showcased in a big Hollywood movie, ever. So with that opportunity comes responsibility,” Rock said.

Reigns added, “When people see me, you see my arm. If you’re not familiar, this is Samoan tribal. It’s something we carry with us, we wear i with a badge of honor and to be able to take it and put it on the big screen, and just dive into it a little bit more, to be able to actually bring it to the island. It was just so many things that were so special about this and I’m just so happy it worked out the way it did, and to be a part of it.”

The Great One also talked about how meaningful it was to do the movie with The Big Dog. He got emotional when talking about Reigns’ recent battle with leukemia, his second fight with the disease.

“To be able to have Roman Reigns next to me in a big movie like this, who’s my family, and our families are so tight, was so meaningful,” Rock said. “Because as the WWE Universe knows, here’s a guy who was Roman Reigns, the leader of The Roman Empire, Superman. And he had to reveal to the world, he has a choice by the way, to not tell the world about his leukemia returning, or, ‘I’m going to reveal it to the world and be vulnerable and be me.’ And when someone chooses, ‘I’m gonna reveal it to the world and be vulnerable and be me.’…

“You know, I get emotional now, so to have him next to me and to know where he’s come from, and what he’s had to overcome, and to know everyone that he’s inspired in the WWE, not only the locker room, but all of us in the WWE Universe, it’s very special.”