– WWE posted this video of The New Day hunting for Canada’s best syrup before the recent SummerSlam event in Toronto. The lengthy video is presented by Cricket Wireless.

– The Miz and Maryse recently spoke with Parenting.com and were asked how they would react if their first daughter, Monroe Sky, wanted to pursue a career in WWE. The Miz may have danced around the question, but Maryse said Monroe can do what she wants.

“She actually loves watching the show. When SmackDown or Raw is on, she goes crazy! She just sits there and watches it. She can do whatever she wants!,” Maryse said.

Miz added, “She loves the colors and the lights, the music, she always dances to any music we put on.”

They also commented on Monroe being at WrestleMania 35 this year, and sleeping through Miz’s Falls Count Anywhere loss to Shane McMahon. Maryse added, “Honestly, she watched the entire WrestleMania and she was there the whole day, and just really interested by the pyrotechnics and lights and then Mike came on and she fell asleep, and that was pretty funny!”

– Triple H announced today that he will be going live on Facebook with Radzi Chinyanganya after Saturday’s WWE NXT UK “Takeover: Cardiff” event with thoughts on the show. You can see the tweet below: