Triple H On If Vince McMahon Pays Attention To NXT UK

Earlier today after NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff, Triple H did a quick Q&A about the show. Triple H assured fans that Vince McMahon is paying attention to the product and he also revealed that a lot of Raw and SmackDown wrestlers want to be part of the show.


During the show, the crowd asked Vince McMahon if he was watching, which he responded that he was. In the Q&A, Triple H said several times in the interview that Vince is watching and is proud of the talent.

"He's watching, trust me," Triple H said. "He's watching everything. He sees it all. People don't give him credit for the reason we're all here. They don't give him credit for that, for the business that he is. He's willing to take the evils of everyone on his shoulders. Trust me, he sees it all. He's very proud of it all. I know he's very excited about all the talent here and what they were able to accomplish. What they did here tonight, he's proud of that. Proud of every performer. Trust me he sees, he hears it, and he's watching."


Triple H revealed that a lot of talent ask him about coming to the UK to be part of the show. He also revealed that Adrian Street was there and said that UK wrestling was back after seeing NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff.

"It doesn't matter Raw or SmackDown, it doesn't matter NXT in the US, whenever we are coming over here, a lot of people are calling me to say, 'Hey what if you have Drew McIntyre calling out WALTER," Triple H explained. "You'll see Cesaro today, Finn Balor being here before, I get it over and over again like, 'Hey if you need me to come to the UK,' 'Hey I'll love to face so and so in the UK.' Even in the women. I just see it across the board that desire to compete against the best of the best. If you put on a show like they put on tonight, when you have a card that is a spectacle like this was, like you said raises the bar. Puts the world on notice. When you're other places, you want to be a part of that. You want to step in that. You want to feel that energy from this crowd.

"Believe this or not, this is one of Vince McMahon's favorite buildings. When I left, he said, 'You're in my favorite building ever.' Because of the passion here, you heard them tonight, they were on fire. They bring that energy. It's just like a special place. A lot of magic happening in the UK, a lot of magic happening in NXT UK. Just walked by Adrian Street coming back and he looked like he had the greatest night of his life. He looked at me and said, 'That was unbelievable! It's back baby!' What he met is UK wrestling, one of the things he founded, things he put on the map, of the things he takes pride in and it's back. The world wants to be a part of it."


At the end of the video, Triple H said that this was NXT UK's house and there are others in the country that are just renting a spot from them.

"Don't sign off yet, because I want to say one thing," Triple H said. "These guys and girls came here for a purpose tonight. There's a lot of competition tonight. A lot of things going on in the world. They wanted to show the world, who they are, that this is their brand. We're in their country, there are others here in their country, they are just renting a spot. This is theirs. They earned this spot. They are taking their spot, they are protective of their spot, and they are going to show the world that they are NXT. They walked in here with a goal and that goal was to say to the world when this was over, follow that and they did it. Follow that my friends."

In the Q&A, Triple H also talked about the matches that happened during today's TakeOver. The whole interview can be watched in the video above. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.