WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus recently spoke with The Toronto Sun and commented on how special the match at Sunday's WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view with Charlotte Flair will be. Trish said the match "has so much finality around it."

"You can never create this scenario again," she added. "It's serendipitous. If it's the final moment, I would be proud of the Stratusfaction delivered."

Stratus said she's known her opponent since Flair was a child, and has enjoyed watching her career progress.

"She's the best of the best right now. To see a woman of that size do a corkscrew moonsault is amazing. I'm not surprised (by how good she is)," Trish said. She continued, "I remember seeing her train in NXT. Charlotte is amazing. She's passionate about what she does and it's beautiful to see."

The 44 year old mother of two did another interview with The Toronto Sun and commented on her in-ring future after Sunday's dream match with Flair.

"As you get older, you decide this is it," she said. "I don't need to keep coming back. I've had my ride. But this scenario was so special. To face a superstar like Charlotte Flair at this point of my life. In Toronto. At the second biggest pay-per-view of the year (WrestleMania is first). What could be more right? To face the greatest of her generation and it's been argued that I was the greatest of my generation it's a pretty unique matchup. Everything is aligning for this and with my age how much longer can I do this or want to do this? This is the perfect time to do it."

Trish revealed that Vince McMahon recently called her with the idea of doing the match with Flair in Toronto, as a way for Trish to have one last hurrah in her hometown. Trish said she then went to work with her trainer on the actual match itself and to get in proper shape to wrestle. She admitted that she had to dig deep to find her inner-Trish Stratus once again.

"There's a lot of buzz about the event, about my match. Personally, I had to dig deep to find my inner-Trish Stratus again," she admitted. "I had to do that. I'm a mom now. 'I'm a bad-ass mom,' I keep telling myself. I had to find that inner fire in me. You think, 'Can I do it? Am I able to do it?' I watch the tapes (of training) and I see it coming together. It's like my brain is two steps behind my body, but then your body surprises you. And you think, 'Holy smokes, after two kids and all these years, I can still do this.'

"Sometimes I don't know how I'm doing all of this. Being a mom, running a business, it takes crazy time-management. Now you throw in training and preparing for this. It's been a lot. But it's been fun. I feel like I'm doing this for the moms out there. For every mom, maybe, who's lost themselves. I had to find that bad-ass wrestler inside of me. It took some time to get there."