As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race passed away today at 12:50pm due to complications from lung cancer. He was 76 years old.

Several WWE Hall of Famers, current and former Superstars, and other wrestlers have paid tribute to "The King" on Twitter this afternoon.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon wrote, "Harley Race was literally the King of his profession for 25 years. Long live the King."

Triple H, who was close to Race, tweeted, "Everything about Harley Race commanded RESPECT... Today our world mourns with all the RESPECT you deserve... One of my favorite people in the business and in life. See you down the road, my friend. #LegendsNeverDie #ThenNowForever

AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes also remembered Race. He wrote, "Thank you Harley. So many legends in the industry will tell you he was the toughest to ever do it. He never stopped giving. I remember when he managed Vader in wcw, he would still try and scare me backstage. Ten pounds of gold never looked better on anybody."

Stephanie McMahon also shared a family moment with Race. She wrote, "I will always remember Harley Race as one of the toughest S.O.B's to ever walk the Earth, who also took the time to personally pick out a pair of earrings for my newborn daughter. Thank you for always being you, a legend in every sense of the word. #RIPHarleyRace"

Ric Flair, who was also close to Race, called him the only real world champion. Flair wrote, "Today We Lost Not Only A Great Personal Friend, But In My Estimation The One And Only REAL World Champion. Without Harley Race, There Was No Ric Flair. I Tried My Hardest Every Day To Live Up To His Standard In The Ring. He Will Be Greatly Missed, But Always Remembered By Myself And So Many Others. The Stories Of Harley Race Will Live On Forever! Rest In Peace My Friend!"

Mick Foley said he is proud to be Harley's friend. He tweeted, "We lost a true ledend today; one of the toughest men and one of the greatest champions our sport has ever known. I loved working with him, I loved talking with him. I was proud to be his friend."

Dustin Rhodes, who was the first to remember Race on Twitter today, tweeted, "RIP to one of the greatest performers there ever was. He was a friend. You will be missed #HarleyRace #RIP"

Lance Storm remembered Race and said the word legend needs to be saved for people like Race. He wrote "#RIP Harley Race. This is why we should not throw the term Legend around freely. It needs to be saved for people like Harley who truly are."

Shane Helms paid tribute to Race and commented on how all wrestlers studied him at some point. Helms tweeted, "RIP to a true legend and Icon of this business, "Handsome" Harley Race. If you're a true student of the game, then at some point you studied Harley Race. Thank you Harley for your kindness, your respect and for paving the way!"

Steve Austin, who also was friends with Race, called him the standard bearer for all of pro wrestling. Austin wrote, "Harley Race, one of the greatest Professional Wrestling legends of all time, passed away today. For years Harley was the standard bearer for all of Wrestling. He was revered and respected by all and feared nothing. I am thankful for all of his advice. Condolences to his family."

Scott Dawson of The Revival praised Race and called him "MY professional wrestling" and like Also, called him the standard bearer for the sport. Dawson wrote, "The standard bearer for professional wrestlers. A tough, respected man who we all hope to be like. He's MY professional wrestling. The King #RIPHarleyRace"

Below are the full tweets from these stars, along with other tributes from Lex Luger, Mick Foley, Paige, Trish Stratus, Matt Hardy, Sean Waltman, Bully Ray, and others, plus a story from Simon Gotch and promotion statements from WWE, AEW and the NWA: