– Above is the latest episode of WWE’s “List This!” series, featuring Vic Joseph looking at the first 5 singles wins for current WWE Universal & RAW Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins.

The wins were over Jey Uso on the July 12, 2013 SmackDown episode, over Goldust on the October 23, 2013 Main Event episode, over Damien Sandow on the March 14, 2014 SmackDown episode, over Batista by DQ on the May 19, 2014 RAW episode, over Dolph Ziggler on the June 6, 2014 SmackDown episode.

– This week’s WWE SmackDown saw WWE start referring to Rowan as “Erick Rowan” once again. The name change is now confirmed as “Erick” has been added back on the official WWE roster. WWE originally dropped “Erick” from the name back in late November 2017 when they dropped “Luke” from Luke Harper’s name due to their return as The Bludgeon Brothers.

– This week’s WWE NXT episode saw Breakout Tournament winner Jordan Myles announce that he is cashing in his title shot on NXT Champion Adam Cole. Myles was allowed to challenge any champion on the brand.

Myles’ appearance during the segment with The Undisputed Era has led to a ton of memes on Twitter after he called on fans to roast him. The roast request came after several NXT Superstars took friendly shots at the former ACH.

Myles also joked on his appearance and wrote, “I was dressed like I was selling bibles because i was ready to bless the NXT champ with an a**whoopin at any moment… holla!”

You can see video from the segment and some of the memes he has re-tweeted below: