WWE Focusing On Cedric Alexander's Storyline Injury, Zelina Vega's Tribute To Aliyah, Samoa Joe - 2K

- As seen above, WWE Games has released Samoa Joe's entrance for the WWE 2K20 video game. The game will be released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, October 22.

- It's interesting to note that WWE is focusing on Cedric Alexander's storyline leg injury when promoting Monday's King of the Ring quarterfinal match against Baron Corbin on RAW.


It was believed that WWE had Cesaro give the injury to Alexander this past Monday as a way to set up his loss to Corbin.

Below is WWE's announcement for the Alexander vs. Corbin match from the RAW preview:

Cedric faces down Corbin ? but there's a problem

Perennial underdog Cedric Alexander has been making a name for himself over the last few weeks, earning victories against Drew McIntyre and Cesaro as well as a quick defeat of Sami Zayn that sent the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion to the second round of the King of the Ring tournament.

A quarterfinal bout against the returning ? and surging ? Baron Corbin should give Alexander ample opportunity to cement himself as a star, but one question mark lingers over the match: a leg that took an absolute pounding during Cedric's victory over Cesaro last week and is sure to be a big target for the man who is already calling himself King Corbin. Alexander shouldn't be counted out, but facing a healthy, motivated Corbin does hand him a pre-match disadvantage, and he'll need all of his heart to overcome it.


- Zelina Vega took to Twitter earlier this week and paid tribute to singer Aliyah and meeting her family on the 18th anniversary of her passing. WWE also posted this video of Cathy Kelley and Vega discussing the singer, who passed away on August 25, 2001 at the age of 22.

The tribute to Aliyah has received coverage from the WWE website and several mainstream media outlets and entertainment blogs. You can see Vega's posts and WWE's video below: