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Tonight features Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain, a contract signing between NXT Tag Team Champions The Street Profits and The Undisputed Era, Shane Thorne vs. Joaquin Wilde, and a preview of NXT TakeOver: Toronto II.

- NXT General Manager William Regal is in the ring for the contract signing between NXT Tag Team Champions The Street Profits and The Undisputed Era at TakeOver: Toronto II. Ford and Dawkins out first, they get in the ring and attempt to get some dance moves out of Regal, but to no avail. O'Reilly and Fish out next, O'Reilly still jams out with his invisible guitar. Fish and O'Reilly debate if what Ford and Dawkins just said about them. Fish says they are not on their level and they stand no chance at leaving TakeOver with the title. He says they are better in the ring and are funnier. O'Reilly then tells a joke: "The Street Profits are the NXT Tag Team Champions!" Fish cracks up as The Street Profit fake laugh.

Ford says Fish and O'Reilly have done a lot in NXT: titles, TakeOver, and they have beaten a lot of tag teams. Dawkins says they might be the best tag team ever in NXT. Ford gets amped up and says what makes them think that losing is an option for Ford and Dawkins, the only option is winning! Dawkins says The Street Profits are gonna "beat that ass...and that is undisputed." Both teams sign the contract.

- Video package for Roderick Strong going against Pete Dunne and NXT Champion Velveteen Dream at TakeOver.

- Video package shows the history between NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler and Mia Yim at TakeOver. We see clips of Yim's career before NXT and her performance at the Mae Young Classic where fans started up a "please sign Mia!" chant. Baszler talks about Yim, says she has a great story about rising above, but the story always ends the same with whoever gets in the ring with her: tap, nap, or snap. Yim notes Baszler is only the champion because Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke are always nearby, that's why she took them out. Both NXT Superstars say this division is theirs.

Shane Thorne vs. Joaquin Wilde

Both end up in the ropes, Thorne with a shove, Wilde takes him down for a pin, two-count. Thorne with a side headlock, Wilde drops him, flips, and taunts Thorne a bit. Both trade wristlocks a few times. Wilde with a springboard arm drag, rolls right into a dropkick, cover, two. Wilde with a standing guillotine, but Throne reverse that into a brainbuster. Thorne takes control of the match, Wilde looks to fight back, ends up on the apron. He flips over for a buckshot lariat, jawbreaker, second rope back elbow, back elbow in the corner, big chop to the chest. Thorne tries to leap off the second rope, but Wilde catches him and hits a powerbomb, cover, two.

The two trade chops, Thorne with a big uppercut, but eats a double boot to the face and rolls to the floor. Wilde looks to fly, Thorne moves, Wilde with a suicide dive through the corner, jumps back in the ring, then hits a flip over the top rope. Referee starts up her 10-count, gets to nine, Thorne hops in the ring and then right back out to the floor. Wilde looks to bring him in the ring an Thorne yanks him to the floor, throws him into the ring post, the steps, the ramp, then the apron! Both get back in the ring, Thorne with a big running knee to the head, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Shane Thorne via Pinfall

- Video package shows Io Shirai and Candice LeRae's friendship turning sour after Shirai turned on her former friend. The two will meet at TakeOver: Toronto II.

- Tribute to Harley Race, who passed away last week at the age of 76.

- Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain was scheduled next, but never gets started. Riddle is out first, Dain with the sneak attack and destroys Riddle. Riddle gets thrown into the steps, Dain with a cannonball into him. Dain just walks to the back as Riddle tries to get back to his feet.

- Video package looking back at the NXT Breakout Tournament where the winner will receive a championship match of their choosing. The finals came down to Jordan Myles vs. Cameron Grimes, which will take place next week.

- Last week, we see Fandango return to help out Tyler Breeze against The Forgotten Sons. Cathy Kelley spoke with Breeze and Fandango. Fandango shushes Kelley. Breeze asks where Fandango has been. Fandango says he got in too deep, and policed everyone else, but not himself. Fandango says they need a makeover. Next week it will be Breezango vs. Forgotten Sons.

- Video package of NXT Champion Adam Cole vs. Johnny Gargano as they two will meet in a 2-out-of-3 falls match. We see clips of Cole previously defeating Gargano for the title at TakeOver XXV. Cole says Gargano made the mistake of thinking he was special, but he's actually just a second-rate Adam Cole. Gargano strolls down the hallway at the Performance Center where there are photos of prominent wrestlers from over the decades and says it's a way to give people in NXT motivation. Other NXT stars talk about Gargano always being there to help others at the PC and bring them up if they're down, or just help them in the ring.

Adam Cole talks about his championship tour, defending his title wherever he can. We see clips of Cole wrestling in a number of different cities. Gargano talks with Seth Rollins about his upcoming TakeOver match, Rollins says it's a tough match no matter what happens. Gargano says speaking of tough, Rollins has WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, he tells Rollins to "burn it down."

Gargano talks with Finn Balor about how he really set a precedent during his NXT and all the big matches he had. Balor says the group after him truly took the ball and ran with it. Gargano jokes he wants to break Finn's title reign record, but thinks that one will be hard to break. William Regal says he's not sure if Cole will retain or not, but we're going to find out how good he is because we already know how good Gargano is. Kevin Owens says as good as Gargano is, he's going to lose. Breeze says it could go either way. Cole says nobody will get in his way as he becomes the greatest NXT Champion ever. Gargano says he's taking Cole to hell and winning that championship.