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Show opens with a tribute to the legendary Harley Race. The video package details Race’s incredible career, including his 8-time reign as the NWA world champion. Stars such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H praise Race’s work following his passing this past week.

NXT UK song intro (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK. Today’s show takes place from Plymouth England. They hype Takeover Cardiff, which is only three weeks away. Tonight’s main event will be Dave Mastiff battling Gallus member Joe Coffey.

Noam Dar makes his way out for our opening contest. He’ll be facing…Ashton Smith…who is out second.

Noam Dar versus Ashton Smith

Tie-up. Smith forces Dar into the turnbuckles but the referee calls for a break. They reset. Second tie-up…Dar with a wristlock. He brings Smith to the mat, then rings the arm applying more pressure. Smith manages to reverse the hold…Dar rushes to the ropes and Smith lets go. Pace picks up…Smith surprises Dar with a flush dropkick. Early cover…only two. Irish-whip…Dar charges Smith in the corner…Smith gets an elbow up. Dar tells the ref that he hurt his eye. Smith doesn’t buy it…he goes at him…Dar dumps him to the apron…shin kick, followed by a basement dropkick that sends Smith to the outside. Dar plays to the crowd before bringing Smith back into the ring.

Now in control, Dar stomps away at Smith. Dar ties Smith up in a rest hold before transitioning into a couple of roll-ups. Smith kicks out both times. Smith goes for an enziguri but Dar catches him with an ankle lock. Smith escapes…right hands to Dar’s gut. He nails Dar with a pump kick, a corner knee strike, and a running knee in succession. Dar answers with another shin kick. Dar calls for the shining wizard but Smith is slow to get up. Smith playing possum…cradle! Two count! Smith connects with a superkick! He climbs the middle rope…leg drop misses. Dar with the shining wizard. Got em.

Noam Dar wins by pinfall

Post-match Dar is interviewed. He said that he could have jumped to any brand after leaving 205 Live, but he decided to join NXT UK because they offered him a fat contract. He then promises that he’ll be at Takeover Cardiff. Commentary questions who Dar could be possibly facing.

Match graphic for Takeover Cardiff’s main event is shown: Tyler Bate challenging WALTER for the NXT UK championship.

Footage of Tyler Bate being interviewed is shown. He says that Imperium may have put a hurt on his friends, but he promises that he’s at 100%. “I will become the first-ever two-time NXT UK champion,” says Bate with confidence.

Preview for SummerSlam, streaming live this Sunday on the WWE Network.

Back to the arena…the NXT UK tag champ Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) make their way to the ring. They both wear suits. Gibson has a microphone. He does his traditional introduction, calling himself Liverpool’s favorite son. He calls out Gallus for petitioning for a tag title opportunity. He says they’ve been defending the championship against the best teams in the world, and Gallus is not one of them. This brings out Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang). Coffey screams that they’ll be taking their title opportunity at Takeover Cardiff.

Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster join the fun. Andrews admits that Gallus and Grizzled Young Veterans are two of the best teams in the world, but that Cardiff is their hometown, and they should be involved in the discussion. Gibson questions Andrews: “What makes you think you two deserve a title shot?” Gallus agrees with Gibson. Webster jumps in, stating that he and Andrews have sat on the sidelines for too long. Tensions begin to rise. Gibson tries to defuse it. “We are not dressed right now for this to go off.” He says that they can argue, but at the end of the day, General Manager Johnny Saint makes the matches. “If you want a shot at these…earn it,” growls Gibson at Webster and Andrews. This ends the segment.

Flashback to Takeover Blackpool, with several NXT UK stars talk about making their impact on the brand, including former NXT UK women’s champion Rhea Ripley.

Advertisement for NXT Takeover Toronto, streaming this Saturday on the WWE Network.

Backstage, Travis Banks is coming out of Johnny Saint’s office. He says that he’s upset that he missed Takeover Blackpool, but assures that he’ll be at Cardiff. He also states that Saint told him that Dar’s opportunity to compete in Cardiff is not guaranteed, and that he works harder than Dar. Andrews and Webster pop out of Saint’s office next…they say that they will have an opportunity to prove themselves in the next few weeks, and hopefully earn a title shot at the Grizzled Young Veterans.

Jinny and Jazzy Gabert are out for women’s division action. They’ll be facing the duo of Xia Brookside and Piper Niven.

Jinny & Jazzy Gabert versus Xia Brookside & Piper Niven

Jinny and Brookside begin. Dropkick from Brookside. She unloads on Jinny with stiff forearms before making a tag to Niven. Splash and snapmare in succession. Quick-tag back to Brookside. Jinny catches Brookside with an elbow and frankensteiner. Brookside charges but runs right into a haymaker from Jinny for a nearfall. Gabert in now. She clubs Brookside to the mat, then taunts Niven. Scoop slam. Jinny jumps back in and works Brookside over. Brookside gets trapped in the heels’ corner. She somehow escapes and rolls over to make the hot tag to Niven.

Niven comes in strong. She runs through Jinny with shoulder blocks. Powerslam. Niven has a staredown with Gabert…Jinny goes for a frankensteiner but Niven catches her…buckle bomb! Gabert tags in. Back and forth striking…Niven wins the exchange…running crossbody. Double-team move from Brookside and Niven leads to another nearfall. Gabert shakes off an attack by Brookside and hits her with a vicious sidewalk slam.

Rhea Ripley comes down to ringside. She and Niven begin brawling to the back. The referee doesn’t call for the bell as Niven was not the legal woman. Brookside continues to fight Jinny off, but finally notices that Niven is no longer in her corner. She and Jinny trade strikes…headscissor takedown from Brookside. Running knees into the corner…Jinny kicks out on the pinfall attempt. Gabert shouting for Jinny to get up. Gabert with a blind tag…huge lariat decapitates Brookside. She picks Brookside up…dominator. That’s it.

Jazzy Gabert & Jinny win by pinfall

Commentary hypes the NXT UK women’s championship match between Toni Storm and Kay Lee Ray at Takeover Cardiff. A video package, that began last week, highlights Ray and Storm’s complicated relationship. The two have faced off all over the world for promotions like PROGRESS and ICW. Storm says she has to fight like her life depends on it…because it does. Ray responds by saying there is nothing Storm can do to stop her from becoming champion.

Commercial for WWE 24 featuring WWE champion Kofi Kingston.

An Ilja Dragunov and Kassius Ohno confrontation from earlier in the day is shown. Those two will meet each other next week in the NXT UK main event. Also next week…Flash Morgan Webster battles Mark Coffey, possibly for a future tag title shot for their respective teams.

Main event time. Gallus is out first representing Joe Coffey. Wolfgang and Mark Coffey eventually leave. Big Dave Mastiff is next. Here we go.

Joe Coffey versus Dave Mastiff

They crash into each other with shoulder bumps. Neither man moves. Back and forth striking…Mastiff with a big hip toss and an early cover…only a one count. Coffey nails Mastiff with a stiff elbow…Mastiff responds by going for a German…Coffey holds onto the turnbuckle…Mastiff still pulls him off and hits the move. Coffey takes advantage and pushes Mastiff into the exposed turnbuckle. Referee asks Mastiff if he wants to continue…he says yes. Coffey pounds Mastiff to the mat…backbreaker and elbow drop from Coffey. Cover…two count.Coffey continues his assault on Mastiff’s lower back. He traps Mastiff’s arm and connects with a punch to the liver. Mastiff goes for a powerslam but he can’t hold him up due to the damage to his back…eventually he shows some tremendous fighting spirit and slams Coffey. Both men down.

Flurry of fists from Mastiff…another German suplex. Coffey charges…Mastiff drops him with a back body drop. Fight spills to the outside…Coffey at some point gets busted open. Mastiff targets the wound with elbow strikes. Coffey tries to go to the top ropes but he slips…Mastiff takes advantage and pulls him to the mat, then follows up with a senton for a nearfall. Coffey ends up on the apron…running lariat by Mastiff…they both end up on the apron…Coffey launches himself into Mastiff and he collides with the ringpost. Both men are hurt…the referee’s count getting close….double countout.

Match ends by double-countout.

A series of referees come out to attend to Coffey and Mastiff. Wolfgang and Mark Coffey come out to help their fellow Gallus member. Mastiff is enraged…screaming at Joe Coffey to bring it. Crowd screaming “let them fight.”

That’s the show friends.