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No cold open. Straight into the NXT UK theme song. (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK. Today's show takes place from Plymouth England. Commentary tells us that exclusive footage featuring the UK champion WALTER will be played later.

Gallus music hits, and out comes Mark Coffey and Wolfgang. Coffey will be competing in our opening contest against Flash Morgan Webster. The matchup could have implications on a future NXT UK tag title shot. Webster is out second, accompanied by partner Mark Andrews.

Flash Morgan Webster versus Mark Coffey

Coffey tosses Webster to the mat showing off his power. Crowd heavily behind Webster. Crucifix attempt...Webster switches to a roll up and gets a nearfall. Pace picks up...Coffey gets sent to the outside. Webster goes for a plancha but Coffey moves. Wolfgang and Webster start jaw jacking. Coffey takes advantage of the opportunity and nails Webster from behind. Andrews shouts at Gallus, but does nothing so the match can continue. Back in the ring...Coffey locks Webster up in a modified cobra clutch. Webster escapes...Coffey makes him pay with a full-nelson slam. Cover...only two. Another clutch applied. Webster fights out of the submission again but Coffey tosses him to ringside. Coffey and Andrews argue...Webster out of nowhere with a baseball slide! He throws Coffey back in and connects with a moonsault. Coffey kicks out at two. Webster off the ropes...Coffey catches him with a chokeslam for two.

Webster rocks Coffey from the apron and climbs to the top..Wolfgang causes a distraction...Webster misses a swanton. Andrews hits Wolfgang but Coffey takes him out with a lariat. Coffey goes after Webster...cradle from em!

Flash Morgan Webster wins by pinfall

Backstage NXT UK women's champion Toni Storm is interviewed. She says she's very excited for her title defense coming up in Wales. She hesitates as her relationship with Ray clearly is affecting her in the moment. She promises that at Takeover...she'll be ready to defeat Ray.

Preview for NXT UK Takeover Cardiff.

Cut to Jordan Devlin. His interview is cut short because Rhea Ripley and Piper Niven are brawling. It takes several referees to separate them.

Kenny Williams is out next for our second matchup of the day. He'll be facing...the Kiwi Buzzsaw Travis Banks. Before the bell rings Noam Dar comes out and joins Joseph and McGuinness at the commentary table.

Kenny Williams versus Travis Banks

Tie-up. Banks with a headlock. Williams bounces him off the ropes...backslide pin from Banks for a one count. Pace picks up...series of counters leads to Williams attempting a Boston crab...Banks blocks the hold. They take a moment to reset. Banks slows the action down with another headlock but Williams connects with an elbow coming off the ropes. Bulldog blocked by Banks...leg sweep and running knee in succession. Banks traps Williams in the corner...big chop. Another. Snapmare and PK combo from Banks. Cover...Williams kicks out easily. He nails Banks with a jawbreaker, then tosses him to ringside. He goes for a catapult dropkick but Banks runs in the ring...suicide dive through the bottom rope! Banks throws Williams back inside and climbs...double-foot stomp for a nearfall.

Banks goes for a fishermans buster...Williams cradles him...two count. DDT from Williams for another nearfall. Meanwhile Dar has been stating on commentary how much better he is then both men since he's defeated them. Williams with a chop combo. Banks fires back with a superkick but Williams hits a rebound lariat. Banks to the apron...springboard elbow sends him to the outside again. Suicide dive connects from Williams. Back in the rope elbow from Williams. Cover...close two. Banks with the slice of heaven kick out of nowhere. He follows up with the Kiwi Crusher for the victory.

Travis Banks wins by pinfall

Post match Banks and Dar start jaw-jacking. Neither currently have a matchup scheduled for Takeover Cardiff.

Elsewhere, Kassius Ohno prepares for his battle with Ilju Dragunov in the main event.

Advertisement for WWE Clash of Champions, where every title will be put on the line.

Nina Samuels is out for women's division action. She'll be facing Isla Dawn, whose out second.

Nina Samuels versus Isla Dawn

Tie-up. Dawn shows off some nice technique to trap Samuels in a wristlock and bring her to the mat. Samuels grabs the hair, then reverses the pressure takes control. Straight-jacket submission from Samuels and Dawn is in trouble early. Dawn gets to her feet and backs Samuels into the corner. Separation created...dropkick from Dawn. School-boy pin nearly wins it for Dawn but Samuels with another cheap shot out of the corner. She chokes Dawn with the assistance of the ropes. Referee forces her to break the hold. Samuels with a dropkick to Dawn's lower back. Samuels with a drop-toe hold...she transitions right into a modified STF. She switches to a front facelock.

Dawn lands a boot to begin a comeback. Flurry of strikes...she goes for a butterfly suplex but Samuels picks her up in a firemans carry...Dawn shifts her weight and falls off...big forearm strike for a nearfall. Samuels charges Dawn again...Dawn drops her to the apron...huge kick by Samuels connects. Springboard elbow with pin...Dawn kicks out. She gets to her feet and hits a kick to Samuels head that has her rocked...German suplex...Samuels gets a shoulder up. Samuels takes advantage of Dawn talking to the ref by throwing an elbow. She follows up with the's over.

Nina Samuels wins by pinfall

Flashback to last week's main event between Dave Mastiff and Gallus' Joe Coffey. The bout ended in a double-countout, with Mastiff and Coffey needing to be separated from security so they wouldn't continue brawling.

Cut to General Manager Johnny Saint and Sid Scala. They announce that Joe Coffey and Dave Mastiff will have a rematch at NXT UK Takeover Cardiff, and to ensure that there will be a'll be Last Man Standing!

Ilja Dragunov is shown preparing for his showdown with Ohno.

Commercial for WWE's King of the Ring tournament. Action begins this Monday on Raw.

Footage of WALTER training at WXW in Germany is played. He's shown discipling students for goofing around, telling them that they can go to England if they want to do that. He asks a student to hit him with an uppercut, berating them for not doing it hard enough. He drops the young kid with a single chop that is THUNDEROUS. Another student WALTER calls out for looking like Tyler Bate. He assaults the student, choking him with his boot. WALTER then challenges Tyler Bate to meet him face-to-face on next week's show. Commentary makes it official. Also next week...Imperium battles The Hunt in tag team action.

Main event time. Kassius Ohno is out first. The undefeated Ilja Dragunov is second. Here we go.

Kassius Ohno versus Ilja Dragunov

Tie-up. Dragunov forces Ohno to the corner but the Knockout Artist quickly escapes as not to get hit. Second tie-up...Ohno with a clutch...Dragunov rolls around to apply a cravat hold. Ohno shows off some athleticism and sends Dragunov across the ring. Off the ropes...Dragunov with a crossbody...Ohno catches him but Dragunov struggles until he falls. Ohno lands the first strike of the match...Dragunov is barely affected. He responds with a thrust knee and jumping senton in succession. Cravat back in...Ohno gets to the ropes so the referee breaks the hold. Ohno gets Dragunov to the apron...he wrenches the arm, then sends Dragunov into the ringpost. Standing boot by Ohno. He targets Dragunov's shoulder...he hyperextends it with an armdrag and causes more damage with a submission. Dragunov furiously tries to fight out but Ohno keeps him grounded.

Dragunov with a big elbow, then a boot. He charges Ohno...Ohno avoids the attack and sends Dragunov right into the ring ropes. The whiplash made Dragunov hit the back of his head...referee asks if Dragunov can continue. Without waiting...Ohno drops a big leg for a nearfall. Dragunov fires back with a few strikes but Ohno surprises him with a stiff boot near the ropes. Another submission from Ohno. Crowd tries to rally Dragunov back into the match. Ohno traps the arm and goes for a hammerlock suplex...Dragunov blocks the attempt...Ohno lands a big elbow. He goes for the suplex again...Dragunov reverses it and picks the big man up! Both men are down.

Dragunov begins stringing together moves. Several strikes and an arm-ringer brings Ohno down. Corner lariat from Dragunov. Another. Lariat in the center but he can't get all of it due to the damage Ohno has done. Discus elbow from Ohno...Dragunov ducks...left lariat takes him down. Dragunov uses the ropes to hit a 619 lariat. Cover...Ohno kicks out. He goes for a Gotch-style piledriver...Ohno stops it with ease. He stomps Dragunov's arm to the mat. Again. Ohno picks him up...dominator. Cover...only two. Ohno to the corner...Dragunov with an enziguri. He goes for a German suplex...he gets it. Ohno rolls to the outside...suicide dive by Dragunov connects! Back in the ring he climbs...missile dropkick. Ohno just sneaks a shoulder up on the pinfall attempt. Dragunov climbs again...Ohno meets him with a huge haymaker. He sets up for a cravat superplex...Dragunov switches over...sit-out powerbomb! Somehow that isn't enough! Loud NXT chants from the crowd. Dragunov climbs again...Ohno pushes him off and he hits the ringpost. Ohno throws him back in...discus elbow to the back of Dragunov's head...that'll do it.

Kassius Ohno wins by pinfall

Commentary reminds us that this is Dragunov's first loss since joining NXT UK. Highlights of the match are shown. Ohno celebrates at the top of the entrance path, while Dragunov finally recovers in the ring.

That's the show friends.