WWE NXT UK Results (8/21): Bate And WALTER Face To Face, Imperium Battles The Hunt, Kay Lee Ray

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No cold open or song intro this week.

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK from Plymouth England. Show opens with Imperium members Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner making their way out for NXT UK's opening tag contest. They'll be battling The Hunt (Primate & Wild Boar), who are out second.

The Hunt versus Imperium

Aichner and Primate begin. Tie-up but neither man can gain an advantage. Aichner bounces off the ropes and bumps shoulders with Primate, with neither man moving. Another bump. Aichner wins the third exchange knocking Primate to the ground. Primate responds by biting Aichner's ear, and tagging in the Wild Boar. Boar receives a nice pop from the crowd. Barthel makes a blind tag and catches Boar with an arm-drag. He targets the arm, applying a wristlock, then transitioning into an armbar. Boar escapes the submission and connects with a few shots in the corner. Barthel takes advantage of a referee distraction and nails Boar in the throat. He unloads a flurry of strikes to keep Boar grounded. Aichner back in. He lays into Boar's gut with vicious stomps. Big backbreaker from Aichner. Another one. Pinfall attempt...only two. Tandem offense from Imperium. Primate gets knocked off the apron and cannot break up the pin attempt but Boar is out at two again.


Barthel cranks back on Boar's head and neck. He finally manages to tag out. Primate comes in hot with running attacks onto Aichner. He catches the big Italian with an overhead suplex. Barthel charges him but Primate gets the better of him. Boar tags right back in...Aichner escapes a double-team attempt and pushes The Hunt into each other. Primate gets dumped. Boar fights off both members of Imperium. Aichner falls to the corner...running cannonball from Boar connects. He goes for a second one...Barthel pulls Aichner out of the way. Imperium disposes of Primate, then hits a powerbomb/uppercut combo on Boar to pick up the victory.

Imperium wins by pinfall

Assistant Sid Scala addresses the NXT UK universe and announces that Noam Dar and Travis Banks will collide at Takeover Cardiff. Scala expresses his excitement for the mathcup, and reminds us that this will be Banks first Takeover appearance, as he was injured for the Blackpool event.

Preview for Takeover Cardiff.

Backstage Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner are jumped in their locker room by an unknown assailant and beaten down. The camera feed cuts out, and only shows a pair of feet walking over Barthel's body.

Kay Lee Ray is out for a women's division matchup. She'll be battling...Shax.


Kay Lee Ray versus Shax

Tie-up. Ray immediately takes control and shoves Shax into the turnbuckles. She lets her out and both women reset. Second tie-up. Ray goes to force Shax in the corner again but Shax uses Ray's momentum against her. Ray angrily fires off shots and pounds Shax to the ground. She weakens Shax's arm...armbar attempt transitioned into a pinfall...Shax kicks out. Ray goes for a suplex...Shax turns it into a cradle for a nearfall. Vicious lariat from Ray nearly decapitates Shax. Ray traps her in the corner and hits an overhead chop. Shax ducks a second and unleashes a flurry of strikes of her own. Shax to the middle-rope...Ray surprises her with a superkick. Gory bomb. That'll do it.

Kay Lee Ray wins by pinfall

Post match Ray grabs a microphone. She says in ten days she challenges Toni Storm for the NXT UK women's championship at Takeover Cardiff. Crowd responds with a "Toni Storm" chant. Ray says the people are being played. She knows exactly what kind of woman Toni Storm is..."weak." That brings out the champ. Ray continues to berate Storm as she climbs into the ring. Ray says that Storm has no one in her life because they've all abandoned her. The only thing she does have is the NXT UK title. Ray continues, "You are the reason that we don't talk anymore. You are the reason that none of your friends or family call you anymore. You are the reason that all of your boyfriends went to other girls and why your father left." Storm has heard enough...she slaps Ray across the face. Ray flees the ring with a smile on her face. Commentary says that Ray got exactly what she want...to get inside the head of the champ.


Cut to a video package highlighting the rivalry between Gallus leader Joe Coffey, and Dave Mastiff. Their recent bout on NXT UK television went to a double-countout. General Manager Johnny Saint and Sid Scala announced last week that Mastiff and Coffey will have a rematch at Takeover Cardiff with a Last Man Standing stipulation. The footage incldues spliced up promos from Coffey and Mastiff, both claiming that they will emerge victorious.

Oliver Carter cuts a promo, and plans on making his NXT UK debut on next week's episode.

Jordan Devlin is interviewed backstage. Devlin questions why he's not on the Takeover Cardiff card. Kenny Williams walks up and says that all Devlin does is complain, and that they'll be facing each other next week.

Right next to them...Alexander Wolfe and WALTER argue. WALTER asks "Where is the order?" He promises that he will be a man of his word and meet Tyler Bate face-to-face in the ring later tonight.

Mark Andrews is out for our next matchup. He's accompanied by Flash Morgan Webster. Andrews will be battling NXT UK tag champion James Drake. Zack Gibson is with him.

Mark Andrews versus James Drake

Tie-up. Drake forces Andrews into the corner. Referee separates them as Andrews was on the ropes. Second tie-up...Andrews switches behind but Drake grabs Andrews' wrist. He lifts Andrews up and slams him to the mat while still maintaining the hold. Andrews with an athletic escape. Deep arm-drag sends Drake flying. Nice ground wrestling sequence by Andrews ending with a crucifix pin attempt...Drake kicks out with ease. He slows Andrews pace with a headlock but Andrews bounces off the ropes and hits a frankensteiner. Dropkick and standing moonsault in succession by Andrews. He charges Drake in the corner...Drake moves and Andrews collides with the middle-turnbuckle. Drake takes advantage and targets the head and neck with a clubbing blow. Right hands to Andrews, followed by a sic kick for a nearfall.


Andrews tries to make a comeback with an enziguri but Drake yanks Andrews off the ropes and hits a backbreaker to retake control. He locks in a cobra-clutch. Crowd shouts at Gibson on the outside. Andrews rolls out of the maneuver and connects with a standing double-stomp. Combo from Andrews sends Drake to ringside. Andrews off the ropes...suicide dive. Back in the ring Drake catches Andrews coming out of the corner but Andrews turns it into a tornado DDT. Cover...only two. Sunset bulldog from Andrews. He climbs to the top...Gibson distracts Andrews and Drake takes advantage with a running corner dropkick for a nearfall. Mounted punches by Drake. He taunts Andrews...powerslam attempt...Andrews shifts his weight...poison frankensteiner! Cover...Drake just kicks out!

Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) attack Flash Morgan Webster on the outside. Gibson starts arguing with Gallus. Drake gets caught in the ring by stundog millionaire. Roll up. Andrews gets the win!

Mark Andrews wins by pinfall

Commentary tells us that the face-to-face between WALTER and Tyler Bate is coming up. Trent Seven appears out of the crowd to a loud ovation. He's apparently the man who attacked Barthel and Aichner. WALTER and Wolfe come out and head to the ring. Tyler Bate comes out of nowhere and nails Wolfe with a chair! Bate lays into the champ with chair shots. Seven continues to attack Wolfe. WALTER knocks the chair out of Bate's hands but Bate stuns him with a rebound lariat. He sets WALTER up...TYLER DRIVER CONNECTS. The place goes wild. Bate picks up the NXT UK title and poses over WALTER. Seven cheers from the entrance path.


That's the show friends.