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No cold open. Directly into the NXT UK intro song (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the go-home edition of NXT UK from Plymouth, England. They hype the evening’s card, which includes the Irish Ace Jordan Devlin facing Kenny Williams.

Ilja Dragunov makes his way out for our opening contest. Commentary wonders how well Dragunov will recover from his loss to Kassius Ohno. He’ll be facing…Tyson T-Bone.

Ilja Dragunov versus Tyson T-Bone

Tie-up. T-Bone traps Dragunov in the corner but the referee separates the men due to a rope break. Headlock applied by T-Bone. Crowd heavily behind Dragunov. He bounces T-Bone off the ropes, who runs right through Dragunov with a shoulder block. Crossbody attempt from Dragunov…T-Bone catches him…Dragunov resists and falls into a pin…only two. Dragunov slows T-Bone down with a cravat. T-Bone manages to escape and drops the Russian with a big right. T-Bone targets the arm…more right hands to Dragunov’s ribs. Dragunov escapes but T-Bone nails a crossbody, followed by a half-and-half for a nearfall. Modified cobra-clutch from T-Bone. Dragunov gets to his feet to deliver a standing boot. Big chop and arm-ringer by Dragunov. T-Bone to the corner…Dragunov hits a lariat. Another. Discus lariat for two. Dragunov goes for a German suplex…he got it. T-Bone catches Dragunov with another big right. He charges…Dragunov evades and T-Bone strikes the turnbuckles. Up goes Dragunov…jumping senton. He goes to the corner…torpedo headbutt connects. It’s over.

Ilja Dragunov wins by pinfall

Commentary reminds us about this Saturday’s NXT UK Takeover Cardiff, where three titles will be on the line. Cut to a video package highlighting the NXT UK women’s champion, Toni Storm, who won the belt at Takeover Blackpool from Rhea Ripley. Footage of Kay Lee Ray becoming the number one contender is shown. Storm and Ray’s relationship is featured heavily here, with both competitors claiming that the other had changed for the worse. Ray told Storm a few weeks ago that Storm’s actions have led to her being abandoned by all her friends and family, specifically her father. Video ends.

Preview for Takeover Cardiff.

Jack Gallagher cuts a promo backstage. He asks the WWE Universe who the better wrestler is? Himself, or Kassius Ohno? He tells the crowd that the last time they faced each other Gallagher got his foot on the ropes and his victory was tainted. He challenges Ohno to a matchup for next week’s NXT UK.

Joseph Connors is out for our second bout of the day. His opponent…Oliver Carter.

Joseph Conners versus Oliver Carter

Tie-up. Carter forces Conners into the corner. Conners fights his way out with a flurry of strikes. Carter responds with strikes of his own, followed by a back body drop. He dumps Conners to ringside and plays to the crowd. Conners is frustrated, and takes a moment on the outside to reset. Carter eventually follows him out and chases Conners back inside. Uppercut and dropkick in succession by Carter. Carter traps Conners in the corner…referee separates them since Conners is on the ropes…Conners takes advantage with a rabbit punch. He lays into Carter with clubbing forearms, grabbing the hair in the process to add insult to injury. Discus lariat, then a short-armed lariat by Conners. He ties up Carter in a rings-of-saturn submission. Carter manages to roll Conners up for a nearfall. Conners retakes control with a gordbuster. Neck snap from Conners that resembled a Muta-lock. Conners drapes Carter under the bottom rope and slams him into the apron.

More hair grabbing by Conners. Carter breaks his grip with punches to the gut. He lands a boot and ends up on the apron…enziguri connects. Carter climbs to the top…flying meteora. Conners pops right back up…a series of lariats by Carter. Pace picks up…Carter hits a belly-to-belly. He nearly wins the match with a drive-by kick. Conners respons with a forearm to the back. Nice sequence of counters from both men…Carter misses a sprinboard moonsault. Conners picks Carter up…a modified flatliner. Carter can’t kick out.

Joseph Conners wins by pinfall

A special shout out to the band Boston Manor for providing the NXT UK Cardiff theme song. Commentary runs down Saturday’s card, which will be headlined by NXT UK champion WALTER battling Moustache Mountain’s Tyler Bate. A special look at that mathcup will be shown later.

The WWE exclusive interview with Cesaro is played. The Swiss-Superman will be appearing at Takeover Cardiff to find out “first hand” what the brand is all about.

Commercial for WWE shop. Advertisement for NXT’s USA Network debut on September 18th is played.

Footage of the rivalry between former women’s champion Rhea Ripley and Piper Niven is played. Since Niven defeated Ripley on an episode of NXT UK, Ripley has constantly pursued Niven, with the two getting into constant brawls. A tweet from NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint is shown. Saint announces that Ripley will battle Niven on next week’s episode.

Main event time. Kenny Williams is out first. Jordan Devlin second. Here we go.

Kenny Williams versus Jordan Devlin

Tie-up. Devlin opens with a wristlock. Williams shows off his athleticism to reverse the pressure. Devlin slams Williams to the mat, then shouts an angry taunt. Knuckle-lock…Devlin overpowers Williams but Williams uses the ropes to flip Devlin. Sunset flip, followed by a back body drop from Williams. He sends Devlin to the outside. He screams for Devlin to bring it on. Devlin starts walking up the entrance path. Williams chases him down and nails him from behind. He brings him back to ringside, hitting uppercuts. Devlin smashes Williams off the apron, then whips him into the barricade. He breaks the count and continues to do more damage. Back in the ring Devlin stomps at Williams’ back. Jumping backbreaker by Devlin. He tosses Williams off the ropes and lands a forearm to the midsection. Another one. He goes for a third…Williams with a school-boy…Devlin kicks out and connects with a running knee to the gut. Devlin in control.

Torture rack from Devlin. Williams screams in pain as Devlin yanks at the leg for added pressure. Williams manages to break out of the submission. Devlin hits a PK that wakes Williams up. He unloads on Devlin with a series of strikes, including a couple of PKs. Devlin rolls to the apron…Williams catches him with a springboard elbow. Wrecking ball dropkick through the ropes from Williams. Devlin flees to another side of the ring…suicide dive by Williams. He throws him back in and climbs…Devlin rolls away. He baits Williams near the ropes and brings him to the apron. Spanish-Fly attempt…Williams blocks it and lands another elbow. He climbs…huge back elbow with pin…Devlin kicks out. Williams starts stringing together moves…Devlin counters with a German suplex. Both men are down.

Back and forth striking…pump kick from Williams. He goes for a rebound lariat but Devlin catches him with a Spanish-Fly. Williams out at two. “This is awesome” chants echo through the arena. Devlin chops Williams and sets him up on the top. He has him in a firemans carry position…Williams breaks free and falls to the apron. Chops. Springboard frankensteiner! Sunset Bomb! Williams own momentum breaks up the pin. He goes for a DDT…Devlin drives Williams into the turnbuckles. He climbs…moonsault onto Williams’ lower back. Cover…Williams JUST gets a shoulder up. He sets up for the Saito suplex…he gets it and that’ll do it.

Jordan Devlin wins by pinfall

Commentary wonders if Devlin is in line for a future title opportunity. The promised video package hyping the NXT UK championship matchup between WALTER and Tyler Bate is played. Video begins showing WALTER dethroning Pete Dunne at Takeover New York, and their ensuing rematch where Imperium was formed. Imperium’s war with British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven) has been ongoing for months. At one point WALTER took out Tyler Bate with a vicious attack as Seven looked on. Bate would make a shocking return and officially challenge WALTER for the title at Takeover Cardiff.

Grizzled Young Veterans come out. Gibson complains that Johnny Saint made their tag title defense at Cardiff a triple-threat, which is unfair. Gallus comes out, followed by Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews. A brawl ensues. Andrews takes out the lot with a tope con hilo. Officials try and break it up.

That’s the show friends.