WWE NXT UK Takeover Cardiff Recap: New Champions Crowned, Bate & WALTER Go To War, Cesaro In Action

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live WWE NXT "UK Takeover Cardiff" Viewing Party. Today's show comes from the Cardiff International Arena in Cardiff, Wales. Follow along, and feel free to sound off in the comments below.

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Vic Joseph, Aiden English, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the Takeover Cardiff pre-show. They hype today's card, including Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews possibly becoming the first Welshman to become NXT United Kingdom champions in their triple-threat tag against Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) and Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson and James Drake).

Footage of NXT UK women's champion Toni Storm and title challenger Kay Lee Ray arriving to the arena is played. That transitions into a video package detailing the relationship between Storm and Ray, who both claim that the other has changed for the worst. Ray even went as far as to accuse Storm of being so thick-headed that everyone in her life abandoned her, including her father. Commentary wonders if Toni Storm is broken mentally due to Ray's harsh statements.

Earlier today, WWE star Cesaro was interviewed, where the Swiss Superman announced that he'll be issuing an open challenge to anyone in the UK locker room. McGuinness wonders if Kenny Williams will step up to face Cesaro, as he has yet to be on a Takeover card.

A recap of the feud between Gallus leader Joe Coffey and Dave Mastiff is played. The two met on an episode of NXT UK a few weeks ago, which ended in a double-countount. That brings us to today, where Mastiff and Coffey will meet in a Last Man Standing bout.

Video package highlighting today's tag team title matchup between Grizzled Young Veterans, Gallus, and the hometown heroes Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster. The Veterans have been holding the gold since Takeover Blackpool, when they defeated Moustache Mountain to become the brand's first tag champs.

NXT UK champion WALTER is shown preparing backstage with members of Imperium. This takes us to the video package hyping Takeover Cardiff's main event between WALTER and British Strong Style's Tyler Bate. The highlight vignette revisits WALTER's epic victory over Pete Dunne at Takeover New York to become champion, followed by his formation of Imperium. The group attacked every member of British Strong Style, and event put Tyler Bate on the bench. Bate would come back with a vengeance to challenge WALTER. Commentary asks if Bate can restore order to NXT UK.

Pre-show is over. Takeover is about to begin.

Opening vignette runs down each of today's epic showdowns.

Vic Joseph informs us that today's show is sold-out before officially welcoming us to Takeover with Nigel McGuinness.

Scottish Super Nova Noam Dar is out first for our opening contest. He'll be facing the Kiwi Buzzsaw Travis Banks, who is out second.

Noam Dar versus Travis Banks

Tie-up. Dar forces Banks into the corner...referee separates the two and they reset. Second tie-up. This time Banks shoves Dar into a different corner...they're separated again. Dar with a wristlock. Snapmare. Dar goes for an early ankle-lock but Banks has it scouted. Pace picks up...both men dodge the other's signature strike attacks ending in a stalemate staredown. Banks lands a few leg kicks that sends Dar to ringside. He jumps to the apron...PK to Dar's chest. Banks brings Dar back in for a pinfall attempt...only two. Dar plays possum...he picks up Banks and drops him crotch first over the top rope. Dar to the middle-rope...jumping lariat decapitates Banks. He taunts Banks with a few slaps to the head. Banks answers with a few right hands but Dar snapmares him right into the ropes to retake control. Crowd is evenly split, as dueling chants continue to ring out.

Dar targets the left shoulder of Banks. Banks escapes a hold...Dar makes him pay by ringing his arm. Dar charges...Banks surprises him with a shin kick, followed by a German suplex for a nearfall. He climbs to the top...double-stomp misses but Banks keeps the pressure on with a running uppercut. Series of counters...Dar drops to the mat and connects with up-kicks. He goes for the labelle lock...Banks rolls him up...two. Banks goes for a crossface...Dar fighting to block it. He rolls to the ropes and the ref forces the hold to be released. Dar dizzies Banks with his spinning backslide...he calls for the shining wizard...Banks boots him in the face. He goes for a springboard enziguri but Dar catches and applies the ankle-lock! Banks in trouble...the two have a striking exchange that breaks the submission. Both men are down. Loud NXT chants from the crowd.

Banks gets dumped to the apron. Dar connects with his shin kick, then nails Banks with a dropkick. He whips him into the steel steps on the outside and quickly tosses him back inside. Running lariat to the back of Banks' neck. Cover...another two count. Kicks to Banks' chest...this fires Banks up. Pump kick by Banks. He jumps to the second rope...double-stomp to Dar's back. Dar rolls outside to recover...bottom rope suicide dive from Banks. Dar responds with a rebound lariat but Banks hits the slice of heaven off the barricade. Back inside...top rope double-stomp by Banks...Dar kicks out on the pin attempt. Back and forth striking...each man landing stiff shots...Banks wins the exchange with a discuss forearm. He misses a corner attack...pump kick by Dar...Banks right back with a shining wizard. He goes for the slice of heaven but Dar lands another shin kick. Nova roller! It's over.

Noam Dar wins by pinfall

A commercial for NXT's September 18th USA Network premiere is played.

Backstage women's title challenger Kay Lee Ray is stretching ahead of her showdown with Toni Storm. Cut to an interview with Cesaro. Cesaro says he doesn't care who he faces, he's just here for a fight. Ilja Dragunov appears. The two have an epic staredown. Dragunov makes his way out! He gets on the microphone..."Ilja Dragunov is here. Cesaro...I'm waiting," screams the Russian. Cesaro is out next to a LOUD pop.

Cesaro versus Ilja Dragunov

Dragunov comes out strong with a big boot and a big chop. Cesaro answers with a few of his own. Headlock...Cesaro off the ropes...shoulder block takes Dragunov down. Flying crossbody attempt by Dragunov but Cesaro catches him...Dragunov fights his way out of a slam...epic staredown. Dragunov waves his hand to Cesaro telling him to "bring it." Cesaro destroys him with an uppercut. A second one takes Dragunov off his feet. Back and forth chopping...the shots echo through the arena. Dragunov chops Cesaro down, then hits a senton. Cover..only a one count. Dragunov goes for a running corner attack...Cesaro catches him again and throws him to the outside! Crowd going wild. Cesaro military presses Dragunov over the barricade before throwing him back into the ring. Powerslam and legdrop combo for a nearfall. Cesaro slows the action down by applying a headlock.

Dragunov breaks the hold with elbows...Cesaro switches behind for a back suplex. Cover but Dragunov won't stay down. Crowd cheering for a swing. Dragunov tries to escape to the outside...he gets catapulted into the ropes by Cesaro. Another headlock. Dragunov nails Cesaro with a punt kick. He goes for a 619...Cesaro blocks it...BIG SWING. He rotates him an incredible 40 times. Cardiff fans are on their feet. Cover...Dragunov kicks out...Cesaro immediately applies a crossface! Dragunov trying to escape...he rolls Cesaro up. Two count. Straight jab by Cesaro...Dragunov uses the momentum and hits his signature discus lariat. Cesaro ducks a lariat but Dragunov follows up with another. Backslide pin battle...neither man is budging...enziguri from Dragunov. He picks Cesaro up for a stalling saito suplex. Cesaro rolls to the outside...suicide dive by Dragunov connects! Back inside Dragunov clmbs...missile dropkick for a nearfall. Both men are down.

Back and forth striking exchange...Dragunov holds Cesaro's arm so he can unleash a flurry of overhand chops...Cesaro headbutts him. Military press knee strike! Cover...only two. Cesaro back to his feet...running basement uppercut for another close nearfall. Discus uppercut...backslide pin attempt from Dragunov...he nails Cesaro with a huge strike. Dragunov picks him up in a firemans carry...DVD to the corner! "This is awesome" from the crowd. Dragunov back to the top...senton connects but Cesaro kicks out. Dragunov to the corner...Cesaro with a pop-up uppercut! Neutralizer! It's over!

Cesaro wins by pinfall

Post match, Cesaro goes to leave, but returns to the ring to shake Dragunov's hand. He whispers something in Dragunov's ear, then allows him to stand tall ending the segment.

Advertisement for WWE 2K20.

Adrian Street and Miss Linda are sitting in the first row. McGuinness reminds us that there is a new special on Street streaming now on the WWE network.

Backstage...Tyler Bate is getting a pep talk from partner Trent Seven. Commentary tells us that the tag title matchup is next.

A video package highlighting the matchup is played. It shows the Grizzled Young Veterans dominance over the tag division since they became the inaugural champions at Takeover Blackpool. Gallus was the first team to step up as challengers, but Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews earned their way into the match by winning two singles matches against Gallus. That leads us to today's triple-threat.

Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster are the first team out. Crowd heavily behind them since they are from Wales. Gallus (Wolfgang and Mark Coffey) is next, followed last by the champs. (James Drake and Zack Gibson).

Grizzled Young Veterans versus Gallus versus Flash Morgan Webster/Mark Andrews

Gibson and Andrews begin. Tie-up. Gibson with a wristlock takedown. He tries pinning Andrews' shoulders to the mat but Andrews bridges up. Sunset flip from Andrews...Gibson rolls through. Arm-drag attempt...Gibson blocks it and applies a hammerlock. Drake tags in. Andrews sends him flying with an arm-drag, followed by a kick to the gut. Webster brought in. Tandem offense by the hometown heroes. Quick tag back to Andrews. Webster holds Drake allowing Andrews to hit a basement dropkick. Wolfgang makes a blind tag on Andrews and unleashes jabs on Drake. Gibson pulls his partner out of the ring so they can regroup. Drake tags in Webster so he can take a breather. Webster nails a dropkick. He goes for a cover...Gibson and Drake break the pin and all six men are in the ring. Referee manages to calm everyone down before a brawl ensues.

Coffey and Webster go at it now. Gibson makes a blind tag but Webster sends him to the outside with a springboard dropkick. Andrews to the apron...running pump kick to Wolfgang. Webster takes out Gallus with a frankensteiner and Andrews with a springboard moonsault. Back in the ring...Drake and Gibson take control, with Drake hitting a dropkick off of Gibson's back onto Webster. Double-team backbreaker by the Grizzled Young Veterans. Powerslam from Gibson to Webster. He slows the action down with a cobra-clutch. Drake tags in and unloads a stiff forearm knocking Webster to the mat. Webster creates separation with a jawbreaker onto Drake...Coffey tags in briefly but Gibson tags right back in and continues to keep Webster cornered. He breaks free and gets to Andrews! Andrews unloading shots. He nails Gibson, then hits a tornado DDT onto Drake. Gallus comes in...double-backflip kick from Andrews sends them to the outside. Webster and Andrews alone in the ring...double tope con hilo to Gallus connects. Double tope con hilo to Grizzled Young Veterans. Assisted 450 for a nearfall.

Andrews nails Gibson and Drake with a top rope senton. Coffey slams Andrews and double-axe handles Webster. Gallus with a double-team...slingshot Samoan drop. Wolfgang covers...only two. Webster saves Andrews with a flying crossbody...running/poison frankensteiner by Andrews and Webster! VERY CLOSE TWO COUNT. NXT chants come again. Andrews climbs for the shooting star...Gibson pulls out his leg...Coffey climbs to meet Andrews...he goes for a superplex but Andrews blocks it...he shoves Coffey to the outside and regains his footing...shooting star press onto the lot! Fans erupt! Andrews and Gibson are alone in the ring...lariat by Gibson. He goes for a suplex...Andrews turns it to a stunner! Swanton by Webster out of nowhere! Cover...somehow Gibson kicks out! Drake pulls Webster out...roll-up from Gibson...Drake out of nowhere with a dropkick. Double team by the Veterans. Helter Skelter. ANDREWS KICKS OUT! Gibson and Drake are in disbelief. They go for another tandem offense...Webster and Andrews take them out with a double-headbutt. Both teams down. Gallus recovers. Wolfgang with a flying senton. Chokeslam from Coffey. Gallus stands alone in the ring. Wolfgang launches Coffey onto the lot on the outside.

Back in the ring...Gallus is alone with Andrews. Enziguri/powerslam combo. Webster with a last ditch effort to break up the pin. All six men in the ring...everyone is going at it. Drake and Gibson get sent back to the outside. Webster hits Coffey with a Canadian destroyer! Grizzled Young Veterans take out Wolfgan with a doomsday device suicide dive! "This is awesome" rings from the crowd. Gallus is out. Andrews and Gibson recovered in the ring. They tell the champs to bring it. They collide. Andrews hits a double-stunner. Webster to the top...720 lands! One...two...Gibson pulls out the referee! Ticket to mayhem. Andrews out of nowhere with a shooting star! Webster covers...new champs!

Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster win by pinfall and are the new NXT UK tag team champions

Andrews and Webster celebrate with the fans. Place is going absolutely nuts.

Another ad for NXT's move to the USA Network.

Backstage women's champion Toni Storm prepares for her showdown with Kay Lee Ray, but coming up next...the Last Man Standing bout between Dave Mastiff and Gallus leader Joe Coffey. Video package from the pre-show is played highlighting this blood feud.

Mastiff is the first one out. Camera literally shakes after every step that the big guy takes. (Great touch). Joe Coffey is out second, looking focused. He carries a chain. Mastiff runs to meet him...here we go.

Dave Mastiff versus Joe Coffey Last Man Standing

Mastiff dodges Coffey's chain shot, and the two begin brawling on the entrance path. Fight moves to the ring. Coffey with a vicious combo. Mastiff goes for a Samoan drop but Coffey slips to his feet. Mastiff with an Irish-whip...THE ROPES COLLAPSE. "Holy sh*t" from the crowd. Mastiff picks up the metal ring post and smashes it over Coffey's back. He puts the bar in his mouth and slams it to the mat. Coffey blocks a German suplex...he goes for a springboard maneuver but takes a bad slip. Mastiff takes advantage and shoves the metal bar into Coffey's nose. Massive German suplex by Mastiff and Coffey rolls to the outside. Mastiff in pursuit...Coffey charges him into the apron. He picks up a pool cue from under the ring and nails Mastiff in the face. He pulls out a bag that has pool balls, a triangle, and more weapons. He then grabs a table to the delight of the crowd.

Mastiff back body drops Coffey onto the weapons. He picks up a cricket bat...Coffey avoids the attack and whips Mastiff across the back with a pool cue, breaking it in the process. Mastiff responds by smashing the cricket back off of Coffey's back. It makes a thunderous sound. Another shot. Coffey recovers and sends Mastiff through the table with a diving spear. Referee counts...Mastiff is up at eight. Coffey has the chain again. He goes for a discus punch...Mastiff ducks and connects with another German suplex. He picks up the chain and whips it into Coffey's back multiple times. To the other side of the ring...Mastiff pulls out another table, which he sets up across the barricade. They play tug of war with the chain...Mastiff lets go and Coffey goes flying. Running cannonball from Mastiff sends Coffey through the table! Referee counts...he's up at nine, then jumps the barricade to run away. Mastiff follows him into the crowd with a steel chair...chair shots to Coffey's back. Coffey blocks a third shot...then uses the chain on Mastiff! They both barely beat the count. Mastiff hands Coffey a chair, he has one as well. They charge each other and collide hard!

Fight spills over to the commentator's table. Mastiff removes the cover...they both end up on top. Mastiff picks Coffey up...rolling senton but the table doesn't break. They climb to the top of a support beam above the commentators table. Fans cheer "please don't die." Coffey goes for a suplex...Mastiff blocks it. Headbutt and they both go flying through a table! Referee begins his count...Mastiff uses a rolling travel case to gain support but Coffey kicks it out! Ref gets to 10. Coffey is the winner.

Joe Coffey wins

Backstage...WALTER continues to prepare with members of Imperium. Tegan Nox is shown in the front row. She receives a decent pop. Commentary tells us that the women's championship bout is next. The ensuing video package plays. Ray earned this opportunity by winning a women's battle royal back at the NXT UK tapings at Download Festival. Both women are out. Here we go.

Toni Storm versus Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK women's champion

Ray immediately goes to ringside playing mindgames. She repeatedly backed away until Storm runs out and sends her into the barricade. Ray connects with a vicious slap, in retaliation for the slap Storm had dished out a few weeks ago, but Storm quickly took over again. Ray came back with a savate kick through the ropes right on Storm's nose, then proceeded to choke her over the middle rope. She followed up with a seated abdominal stretch, then hit a front face suplex for a two count. Storm ducked a number of strikes, then hits a German suplex.

Storm tried for Storm Zero, but KLR countered into an attempt of her Gory Bomb, but Toni reversed into the a reverse wheelbarrow position and hit a sort of Candian Destroyer for a two count. Storm has Ray set-up...Storm-Zero...Ray kicks out! Storm can't believe it. Ray recovers and nails Storm with her finisher...she kicks out! Both women to the top...Ray goes for a superplex but Storm blocks it...she sets up Ray for a top rope Storm-Zero. Ray back body drops her off...Storm lands on her feet...top rope German suplex. She goes for another pin...Ray gets a foot on the ropes. She rolls to the outside...Storm connects with a bottom rope suicide dive. Ray catches Storm with a knee as she climbs back inside. Ray to the top...dangerous looking swanton. Back in the ring...Gory Bomb. It's over...new champ.

Kay Lee Ray wins by pinfall and is the new NXT UK women's champion

Ray celebrates. Storm is in tears following her defeat.

Commentary tells us that Triple H will be addressing the WWE Universe on Facebook Live immediately following the show. It's main event time. The video package plays hyping Bate and WALTER's intense rivalry that his been brewing since the Ring General's appearance in the brand, and the formation of the dangerous Imperium faction.

Tyler Bate is out first. The champ is second. Introductions are done. Crowd heavily behind Bate. Here we go.

WALTER versus Tyler Bate for the NXT UK championship

Tie-up. Walter forces Bate to the ropes and goes for a big chop but Bate dodges and connects with a leg kick. "Big strong Boi" chants fill the arena. Bate shows off his athleticism to apply a wristlock. Walter breaks the hold but Bate keeps the pressure on with another leg kick. Test of strength...Walter easily powers Bate to the mat for a nearfall, dropping his entire body weight on top of the smaller Bate. Somehow Bate bridges out of a pin and gets back to his feet. Bate traps Walter in the ropes and pushes his elbow into Walter's jaw. Big strike from Walter...Bate responds with strikes of his own but Walter slows his momentum with a headlock takeover. Bate attempts to get to his feet...Walter easily powers him back down. Bate slowly lifts Walter...Walter shifts his weight..powerbomb blocked...Tyler Driver blocked...pace picks up...Bate powerslams the champ! Dropkick sends him to the outside.

Back inside...Walter swats away a dropkick and goes for a powerslam...Bate holds on...frankensteiner sends Walter to ringside. Suicide dive...Walter catches him...BIG CHOP. Bate in trouble...Walter powerbombs Bate off the apron! Walter takes some time to recover on the inside...Bate tries to enter but Walter boots him back to the outside. Walter in pursuit...he sends Bate into the barricade. He picks Bate up...POWERBOMB TO THE RINGPOST. Crowd boos. Medical officials come out to check on Bate...he says he can continue...he can. Referee begins counting...he's up to 7...Bate beats it. Walter goes right back to work by stomping Bate in the chest. Another powerslam from the champ. He boots Bate in the back. Bate fires off a flurry of strikes but Walter drops him with a boot. Nasty chinlock applied, as Walter tries to wear Bate down. HUGE KICK buckles Bate. Champ is in total control.

Sleeper hold locked in by Walter. Bate grabs the ropes, then clubs Walter in the head. He goes for the airplane spin...Walter is too big and falls on top. Crossface is in. Bate grabs the ropes again, which angers Walter. He ties Bate up in the ropes and targets the chest with clubbing blows. Bate is rocked...he falls to the outside. Back in the ring Walter stands on Bate's back, then shoves his knee into the shoulder blades. Crowd trying to rally Bate back into the match. Bate shows he has fight...Walter quickly takes it away with a jumping senton, a big boot, and a chop in succession. Walter picks Bate up...he slams him into the corner and climbs...Walter stomps on Bate's neck, which folds him in a gruesome angle. Both men on the apron...Walter goes for a powerbomb but Bate hooks the bottom rope with his legs to block it. Bate locks Walter up and slams him to the arena floor!

Bate throws Walter back inside...he lands multiple leg drops. He rocks the champ with stiff uppercuts that send him to the corner. Running uppercut. He tries an Irish-Whip that Walter easily blocks. Jumping elbow attempt from Bate...Walter chops him out of the air and immediately applies a Boston Crab. Bate goes to escape...Walter changes to a Liontamer, then switches to a neck crank. Bate's right in the center...he somehow gets to the ropes. Walter is irate. He stands Bate up...big chop. Suplex blocked by Bate...right hands to Walter's gut. He teases a suplex but Walter rolls out and chops him. Walter goes for another suplex...Bate still resisting...HE SUPLEXES WALTER. He lays into the champ with right hands and uppercuts. Running lariat...Walter is wobbly...another lariat...a third. Walter responds with a forearm but Bate right back with his rolling kick. Exploder suplex lands. Both men are down...Bate kips up! Standing shooting star for a nearfall.

Bate sets Walter up for the Tyler Driver...the champ evades and hits an uppercut. Back and forth striking...backslide pin attempt...Walter back body drops Bate...HUGE DROPKICK SENDS BATE FLYING. He goes for a powerbomb...BATE TURNS IT INTO A YOSHI TONIC WITH PIN. Only two! Walter is down. Bate to the apron...he climbs to the top...Walter rolls to the apron...staredown. Walter climbs and meets Bate up on the ropes...Bate is going for a superplex to the outside...Walter with big right hands...he chops Bate to the mat. Now Walter climbs...Bate hits a jumping headbutt. Bate with a surge of energy...he jumps up and cranks Walter's fingers! TOP ROPE EXPLODER SUPLEX! Cover...Walter just kicks out! Bate goes for the knee. Action slows down. Walter drops Bate with a forearm. Bate pops back up...big chop. Bate refusing to quit! Huge haymaker knocks Walter out but he falls right on top of Bate. He eventually gets the big man off him.

Walter slows Bate's momentum with an exploder suplex of his own. He goes for another powerbomb...Bate slips under and picks him up...airplane spin!!! After a few rotations Walter gets to the ropes. Bate uses the ropes and lifts Walter in a torture rack...he takes him to the center...BURNING HAMMER. Bate can't make the pin as he is too tired. Walter rolls to the outside and collapses. Bate follows up with a suicide dive! Back inside he bounces off the ropes again...flying crossbody! He throws Walter back inside and picks him up from behind...deadlift German suplex with a bridge pin...TWO COUNT. Tyler Driver attempt...Walter back suplex pin...Bate bridges out...he hits the Tyler Driver! Walter kicks out. Bate right to the top...corkscrew 450. Another two. Loud "this is awesome chants." Both men down again.

Bate throwing a series of fists at Walter...he's got the champ trapped in the corner...Walter fires out with chops and a big boot. Rear naked choke is in...he's got Bate right in the center. Bate gets to his feet with Walter on his back...he slams him to break the hold. Walter quickly recovers and reapplies the sleeper. Bate back to his feet...he walks the ropes but Walter shoves him to the apron. He has the sleeper locked in even though he's on the ropes...Bate drags him to the apron...elbows from Bate...Walter slaps him...sleeper suplex onto the apron! He throws Bate back in...Walter clmbs...top rope splash. BATE KICKED OUT. BATE KICKED OUT. Walter with another sleeper suplex. Cover...ONLY TWO. What will it take?! Walter powerbombs Bate...he is out at one! Bate has a rush of adrenaline! Walter chops him again. HUGE LARIAT. It's over.

WALTER wins by pinfall to retain the NXT UK championship

Commentary is in shock, with McGuinness stating that he's never seen such a fantastic match. Highlights are shown. WALTER meets with Imperium at the top of the entrance path. They pose with WALTER holding the championship high. Bate is left in the ring. Fans serenade him with loud chants. Pete Dunne and Trent Seven come to the ring and bring Bate a bottle of water. "British Strong Style" chants from the crowd. They help Bate to his feet. The three of them hug in the center.

That's the show friends.