WWE To Announce 2019 Mae Young Classic Plans, Triple H On How SmackDown - Fox Is Impacting Things

WWE will be making announcements on the 2019 Mae Young Classic soon.

Triple H confirmed during this week's media call that they have been working to finalize some plans and will be making announcements soon.


"We're in the process of working on some tings now and finalizing some stuff, and hopefully we'll have some announcements soon on all of that," he said when asked about the 2019 women's tournament.

Triple H also indicated that plans have been pushed back due to the many happenings in WWE this year. He talked about how the big SmackDown move to Fox is relating to everything else.

"The bandwidth of sometime things happening, when you talk about just around the corner as we are coming into the middle of August, just around the corner... you're talking about massive shifts to Fox and massive shifts with RAW with USA Network, and all of that, trying to ramp up for all of it, and how that all works. You know, you've heard it said, I've said it here before, that when one piece shifts, it's like dominoes, right? It moves everything and in our business it's absolutely that way. So, when we shift to Fox it changes everything about SmackDown as a brand, and where it goes and how it routes, and everything. It shifts RAW a little bit, it moves all the pieces so there's a lot of prep that happens to that.


"So, a little bit of some stuff got pushed to a little bit later in the year this year, and the planning stages, just because of bandwidth of trying to get it all done, all in the right period of time, and even if you just look at this month – Takeover and SummerSlam, all the TV stuff coming out of that at the end of the month, we have the Cardiff show for NXT Takeover UK, then you're back for another domestic RAW – SmackDown pay-per-view. There's tons of things happening all at once and then right after that you're shifting into the Fox and USA shifts, which are epic events in and of themselves. There's so much planning that's going around it, so some of it just got delayed until a little bit later in the year, but there will be announcements around Mae Young Classic and everything coming up soon."

Kairi Sane won the inaugural Mae Young Classic in 2017. The 2018 MYC tournament was won by current NXT UK Women's Champion Toni Storm.