Below are the highlights from the latest episode of Being the Elite:

* Cody is figuring out a segment with production and referee Rick Knox is next to him. Cody barely touches him and Knox immediately drops to the floor (like a ref bump) and doesn’t get up. Cody then takes his wallet, says “Alright, you’re gonna act like that?” and heads off.

* Young Bucks at the airport and heading to their final indie show for House of Glory Wrestling in New York City to face Private Party. Cut to the duo making it to New York City and hanging out at the hotel with Adam Page.

* Outside on a deck, there’s a blender with a bunch of oranges on the table. In strolls Orange Cassidy, he squeezes an orange in the blender, then puts his AEW contract in and blends them up. He puts his shades on the glass like a garnish, and gives a weak thumbs up. Text on the screen says, “AEW now serving freshly squeezed Orange Cassidy.”

* BTE Mailbag: Kenny Omega is asked about if AEW will have a Halloween episode, similar to WCW Halloween Havoc. Omega says whether it’s a PPV or a TV show he really hopes they do something Halloween themed. Scorpio Sky is asked what his favorite song is, “That Thing You Do” from the film That Thing You Do. Scorpio then performs a bit of the song. Michael Nakazawa is asked if he wasn’t wrestling, what would he do instead? Nakazawa says he initially got into wrestling because a girl he liked was into pro wrestling. He says he’ll have to call her and find out what else she likes. After the call, Nakazawa says that was his wife and she also like playing video games, so he would have been an eSports Athlete.

* Young Bucks at HOG Wrestling for their last indie event. Matt and Nick says they were the promotion’s first tag team champions and are really glad to see the promotion grow over over the years. They talk about how dedicated their fanbase is and we see clips of them at a meet and greet. Private Party talks about how their honored to take on the Young Bucks in HOG in front of their friends and family. Nick and Matt says they will miss the indie circuit, but it’s time to move on with AEW and start a new chapter. Clips of the match are shown as Matt talks about their journey through the indies and sticking with it despite the tough times. He runs through some of their career highlights and then announces on week two of AEW – TNT, it will be The Young Bucks vs. Private Party in the upcoming tag team tournament.