Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of AAA: Invading New York pay-per-view. This event will take place live at The Hulu Theater in New York City's Madison Square Garden. The show will stream live on FITE TV at 6 PM EST. Below is the updated card for tonight's event:

Blue Demon Jr. vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. (No DQ Match)

Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix (c) vs. Santana and Ortiz (AAA Tag Team Championship)

Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie (AAA Reina de Reinas Championship)

Texano Jr., Taurus, and Scorpion King vs. Brian Cage, Psycho Clown, and Cain Velasquez

Also appearing: Aerostar, Averno, Daga, Dinastía, Drago, Golden Magic, Hijo del Tirantes, Hijo del Vikingo, Konnan, La Hiedra, La Parkita, Lady Maravilla, Lady Shani, Mamba, Máximo, Myzteziz Jr., Niño Hamburguesa, Pagano, Piero, Pimpinela Escarlata, Puma King and Villano III Jr.

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The owner of AAA welcomes fans to AAA: Invading New York. He announces that Melissa Santos will be the announcer tonight. She comes into the ring to hype the crowd up. She also introduces the commentary team that includes Matt Striker and Hugo Savinovich.

The first match of the night begins!

Demus & Dave The Clown vs. Chris Dickinson & Mascarita Sagrada

Sagrada and Demus begin the match up. Demus starts it up with several arm tosses. Fans begin to chant "Sagrada." Sagrada goes for an arm toss and then attempts a submission. Demus rolls out of it. Sagrada with an arm drag, followed by a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Now in the ring, Dickinson rolls up with Dave The Clown. He Irish Whips him into the corner. Dave moves out of the corner. He puts Dickinson into the corner then plants a cannon bomb.

Sagrada is back in the ring and he is a one-man army at the moment against Demus and Dave. They both work together and takedown Sagrada. The fans are not happy about that. Dickinson comes back into the ring to help Sagrada. Dickinson and Dave are in the ring. Dickinson with a back kick right to Dave's face. He goes for a cover, Dave kicks out. Demus gets tagged in. He tries to plant his shoulder onto Dickinson's chest, the tackle does not work. Dickinson tags in Sagrada. Sagrada with a springboard.

Sagrada works the lower half of Dave by trying to kick at his legs. Dave tags in Demus. Sagrada with the inverted scissors. Sagrada at the top rope lands right onto Demus who's outside of the ring. Dickinson comes into the ring and piledrives Dave. Dave then counters with a chokeslam, goes for the cover, Dickinson kicks out. Sagrada and Demus are back in the ring while the other two are on the outside. Sagrada goes for a flip, lands it on Demus, goes for the pin, wins the match!

Winners: Mascarita Sagrada & Chris Dickinson

Next, is a six-man/woman tag!

Team Impact: Josh Alexander, Michael Elgin, and Sami Callihan vs. Team AAA: Murder Clown, Drago, and Faby Apache

Team Impact cleans house the moment the bell rings. Callihan goes right towards Apache. Alexander and Murder Clown are in the ring. Clown with the 619 onto Alexander, he then goes for a body block. Elgin takes down Drago, twists him over. Elgin goes for a kick and then a forearm smash on to Drago. Drago comes back with a hurricanrana. Elgin and Alexander work together to take out Drago. Apache comes back into the ring. Drago lifts her up and she lands on both men.

Now Callihan and Apache are in the ring. Callihan spits on her. She throws a few forearms. Callihan follows it up with a big boot right to her face. Apache dives out of the ring and lands right on Callihan. She runs around the ring and kicks Callihan right on the side of his head.

Elgin, Alexander, and Callihan are all back in the ring. Apache takes down each man. Alexander gets tagged in by Callihan. Alexander shoves his boot into Apache's head. Apache in the corner. Elgin tries to lift her up from the top rope. Both wrestlers come tumbling down. Elgin tags in Callihan. He lifts up Apache and slams her down on the mat. He throws her into the ropes, she jumps on to Callihan and locks him in the octopus hold. The hold is broken.

All three Impact men are taking down Clown. He gets up and chokeslams Callihan. Elgin lifts up Apache and Drago in a fireman's carry. Slams them both down. Drago gets up and climbs up to the top rope, flips Elgin off the ropes and onto the mat. Apache goes for a flip roll-on Elgin. Goes for the cover, Alexander breaks it up. Callihan hits Apache right in her bottom region. Goes for the piledriver. Drago comes in now. Drago with a flipping piledriver lands it on Callihan. Goes for the cover, Callihan kicks out. Elgin with a cannonball to the outside and Clown follows with a cannonball too. Elgin and Clown make their way back into the ring. Both men are on the second and top rope. Alexander comes from behind with a low blow. Elgin takes advantage of it and plants an Elgin Bomb on Clown. Goes for the cover, Team Impact wins!

Winners: Team Impact (Josh Alexander, Michael Elgin, and Sami Callihan)

Up next, the third match of the night.

Flamita vs. Puma King vs. Daga vs. Aerostar in a Fatal-4 Way to determine the number one contender for the AAA Cruiserweight Championship

All four men begin the match by going after one another. Aerostar with a cutter. Daga right in the center slams down Aerostar. Flamita comes back into the ring and Daga goes for the Indian deathlock. Puma King comes back into the ring and flies off the top rope and lands on Daga from the outside. Aerostar on the apron knee strikes King. Goes for the cover, Flamita breaks the count.

Flamita takes the lead now and goes for the cover on Aerostar. Daga comes in and breaks it up. Spanish Fly comes next from Flamita. King and Flamita on the top rope both land right onto the mat. Goes for the cover, Flamita breaks out of it.

Daga and King are in the ring. Daga climbs up the top rope. King, who is standing on the top rope, lifts Daga up and slams him onto the mat. Daga goes for a vertical codebreaker, goes for the cover, and wins!

Winner: Daga

He'll now have the opportunity to compete for the AAA Cruiserweight Championship.

Next, is the fourth match of the night and it's for the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship!

Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie

Bell rings, both women stand in opposite corners. They dance around the ring and then go for a lockup. Valkyrie takes down Blanchard and puts in a headlock. Blanchard rolls out. Valkyrie fires several chest chops and kicks. She goes to the ropes and Blanchard lands a dropkick. Blanchard has Valkyrie locked up in between the ropes. The referee begins the count, Blanchard breaks the hold. Blanchard on the apron with a kick. She takes her eyes off of Valkyrie and she gets kicked off the apron, courtesy of Valkyrie. Valkyrie climbs up to the top rope and jumps off, landing on Blanchard from the outside.

Both women are outside of the ring. Blanchard throws a few forearms and chest chops. Valkyrie tries to pull herself up and Blanchard kicks her in the process. Now, they are both back in the ring. Blanchard comes through with a hammerlock. Valkyrie throws a forearm, knocking Blanchard into the ropes. A blue thunder bomb lands on Blanchard. Blanchard comes back with a backbreaker. Valkyrie gets up and lands a spear. She goes for the cover, Blanchard kicks out.

Valkyrie lifts Blanchard up to the top rope. Blanchard was able to slip through. Blanchard with a Canadian Destroyer, goes for the cover, Valkyrie kicks out. Blanchard climbs to the top rope... goes for a Magnum... Valkyrie moves out of the way... goes for a small package piledriver... lands it... goes for the cover... and Blanchard kicks out. Valkyrie goes for a knee strike, then follows it up with a Road to Valhalla, goes for the cover, and gets the win! Valkyrie becomes the new AAA Reina de Reinas Champion! This will be the third time that she has held the title!

Winner and New AAA Reina de Reinas Champion: Taya Valkyrie

Post-Match: Blanchard attacks Valkyrie. She gives the audience the finger and leaves the ring.

Up next, the fifth match of the night and it's for the AAA Tag Team Championships!

The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix) (c) vs. LAX (Santana & Ortiz) for the AAA Tag Team Championships

At the beginning of the match, all four men display showmanship by giving each other hugs and pumping up the crowd for this match!

Bell rings, Santana and Pentagon Jr. begin the match. Pentagon walks over to Santana and throws the "cero miedo" gesture. Santana goes for the arm drag. Fenix comes in to help his brother, but Santana puts him down too. Now, its only Ortiz and Pentagon in the ring. Ortiz open palm strikes Pentagon. Pentagon returns the favor. Ortiz with a suplex...goes for the pin...Pentagon kicks out. Santana comes back in the ring and plants a cutter onto Fenix. Pentagon rips Santana's shirt in half and goes for a hard chest chop.

Fenix with a dropkick on Ortiz. Both Lucha Brothers go for a baseball slide. Ortiz goes back into the ring and lands a cannonball onto the Lucha Brothers. All four men make their way back into the ring. Fenix delivers a chest chop onto Santana. Santana with a Rewind Rana. Ortiz on the top rope lands on Fenix right after. Goes for the cover and kicks out. Fenix with a springboard frankensteiner. The Lucha Brothers work together with Fenix landing a double stomp piledriver. Ortiz on the top rope with a frog splash, followed by a destroyer onto Pentagon. All four men are down.

Ortiz powerbombs Fenix...goes for the cover...Fenix kicks out at 2. Santana and Ortiz with a blockbuster powerbomb on Fenix. Pentagon breaks the attempted cover. Pentagon with the packaged piledriver on Santana. Fenix on the other side jumps off the top rope and double stomps Ortiz off the apron. Pentagon with a fear stomp piledriver onto Santana. Fenix, with the Mexican flag wrapped around his shoulders, goes for a suicide dive on the outside towards Ortiz, keeps him down. Pentagon covers Santana. 1-2-3, The Lucha Brothers retain their tag team titles!

Winners and Still AAA Tag Team Champions: The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix)

Post-Match: The Lucha Brothers take a moment to thank their fans for being there tonight and watching their match. They also thank LAX for being their opponents and for putting on such a great performance.

The sixth match begins and it's a six-man tag team match.

Los Mercenarios (Texano Jr., Taurus, and Scorpion King) vs. Brian Cage, Psycho Clown, and Cain Velasquez

Velasquez and Taurus begin the match. Velasquez with a leg sweep takes down Taurus, he goes for the ropes and the hold gets broken. Taurus with a double leg takedown comes next. Velasquez gets up and both men reset. Taurus goes for an arm submission. He gets up and rolls up on Taurus. Taurus throws a few chest chops once both men get back up. Taurus tags in Texano. Velasquez tags in Cage. Texano goes straight for a side headlock. Cage breaks out of it. He sends Texano down. Scorpion King comes in to help Texano out.

Cage double suplex Texano and King. King gets up, climbs the top rope and lands right on Cage. Texano, Taurus, and King triple kick Cage. Cage slowly crawls over to his corner to tag someone in. Doesn't get there in time, King brings him over to his side. King throws Cage into his corner and Texano goes for the tackle. He goes for the pin, Cage kicks out. In the corner now, Texano throws numerous chest chops, then Irish Whips Cage into the opposite corner. Cage hits and kicks his way out, goes over to tag in Psycho Clown. King comes into the ring and tries to rip Clown's mask off. Clown follows it up with a crossbody, then a back kick.

Texano brings in his bullwhip and starts using it. Clown takes out an item and starts slapping everyone with it (minus his team). The referee tries to take it away from him, and he dances around him. Velasquez goes over the ropes and takes everyone out from the outside. He goes back into the ring along with Taurus. Cage comes back in the ring and attempts a buckle bomb. Cage with a stuff kick on to Texano. Texano then lands a powerbomb, Clown comes in and breaks up the cover.

King with a gut buster to Clown. Goes for the cover, Clown kicks out. Clown with a backbreaker, Velasquez comes through with a Lethal Injection on Taurus. Goes for the cover and wins the match for his team!

Winners: Cain Velasquez, Psycho Clown, and Brian Cage

And now, the main event match of the night!

Blue Demon Jr. vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. in a No Disqualification Match

Bell rings, the fans cheer Wagner as he climbs up the second rope and faces the fans. Blue Demon climbs up to the second rope and faces the fans-they boo. They begin with a lockup. Demon pushes Wagner into the corner. Demon backs up from Wagner in the corner. Demon with an arm lock, the submission gets broken. Demon flies through the second rope and lands a dive on Wagner from the outside. Now, both men are on the outside. Demon slams Wagner's face into the ring post. Demon follows it up by Irish Whipping Wagner into the steel steps. They both make their way back into the ring. The fans boo loudly at Demon.

Wagner pushes Demon into the corner, goes for several right-hand chest chops. Demon with a knee drop, goes for the cover, and Wagner kicks out. Wagner sets Demon up on the top rope, plants a cutter. Goes for the cover, Demon kicks out. Demon with a bodyslam, goes for the cover again, and a kick out. Wagner gets up and lands a back kick right near Demon's face. Wagner starts tearing off Demon's mask. Demon also attempts to tear off Wagner's mask. Demon with a bodyslam. He goes up to the top rope with a crossbody drop, Wagner rolled out of the way, gets on top and goes for the cover, Wagner wins the match!

Post-Match: Demon is furious for losing the match and starts attacking Wagner. The Impact Wrestling locker room comes out and attacks Wagner. The AAA locker room comes down to the ring to aide Wagner and take out those who are attacking him. A riot has broken out! AAA cleans house and they all stand in the ring together to celebrate not only taking out all of the Impact wrestlers, but for also having such a successful event!

This concludes AAA Invading New York! Thanks for watching!