WWE NXT Champion Adam Cole recently spoke with Sports Illustrated to promote tonight's NXT USA Network premiere, and issued an open challenge to other TV shows on Wednesday nights.

"NXT is going to be the most exciting show on television," Cole said. "We have a chance to put so many more eyes on us, and we already have a chip on our shoulder because we know how good we are. Now we want the entire world to recognize that."

Cole will not be defending his title on tonight's premiere, but it was noted that his presence will be felt. Cole said he's excited to get started on USA.

"This is the exact moment I've dreamed of," Cole said. "I perform best in high-pressure situations. I want TakeOvers, live television, and that feeling of adrenaline and energy inside my stomach—I feed off that. I've worked in a television environment before, but obviously live on the USA Network for two hours is a different animal. Of course there is pressure, but I'm really excited to get started on the work."

While Cole issued an open challenge to other TV shows on Wednesday nights, he said he does see a "Wednesday Night War" breaking out between WWE and AEW, but he is excited to compete and show off his worth. Cole, who dates AEW's Britt Baker, said he's putting pressure on himself like he always does.

"I am the NXT champion representing a brand I think so proudly of, so I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself like I always do," said Cole. "That pressure comes from living up to the expectation that NXT has built. NXT was put on the USA Network because of the work that the NXT brand put in. If the show wasn't good, we wouldn't be on USA. Our focus is, week after week, putting on the best show possible.

"We're focused on exceeding the expectations our current fans have for us and the expectations that our soon-to-be fans will have."