Allure’s Angelina Love recently talked to Ring of Honor for their 10 Questions With… column. One of the ten questions she was asked was about strangest fan encounters, which she answered with a disturbing story about a stalker.

“Unfortunately, I had a stalker in the UK give me some of the most uncomfortable experiences ever,” Angelina Love said. “One experience was when he flew from London to Las Vegas to watch one of my fitness competitions and somehow knew what hotel we were staying in and where we would be at every moment. Came to breakfast buffet and sat at our table and also walked 10 steps behind us on the strip the following day. He recorded me on stage in my bikini. Bought me diamond earrings and left them at the front desk of my hotel. Got on my Facebook page and started asking me about family members in my photos (my page is now private). Waited by a slot machine by the front doors of the hotel at 4 a.m. when I was leaving to almost knock me over with hugs before I flew home. There were more encounters with him but that was definitely one of the worst.”

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