If you missed the previous episode of Being The Elite, here’s the recap.

* Cold open starts with Hangman Page practicing riding a horse for his All Out entrance. Nick is on top of a ladder and Matt asks in the camera, “Where the hell am I?”

* Young Bucks are at the Sears Centre the day before All Out talking about preparing for the event. Matt says its been a rough few days as they head to a production meeting

* Bucks are at a meet and greet for Pro Wrestling Tees. Masa arrives and wants another picture. A fan gives the brothers custom sneakers that took him two weeks to make. They hype up the AEW TV show on November 27 in Chicago. Matt says he’s blown up already before his match even begins.

* Page tells the Bucks he bought two horses (one extra “just in case”), they clear it, and he says he was going to enter with one anyway. They ask what’s it going to cost, but they all say “TK” has got it covered. They show the entire practice run of the horse entering the arena.

* Footage is shown of Cody being lifted up from the ramp in preparation for his entrance

* Tommy Dreamer and Michael Nakazawa are playing a game of checkers, and Dreamer has the lead. Nakazawa takes a drink of water and spits the mist into Tommy’s face. Nakazawa changes the board and Tommy asked referee Rick Knox if he saw that. Knox denies seeing anything, says keep playing and Tommy asks if he really has to do a job to checkers.

* Page is telling a joke to a horse, named Hunter Horse Helmsley. Kip Sabian comes into the frame and discusses how big this moment is for Page. Page says he doesn’t even think this match will last nineteen minutes, and the two stare into the camera. That is how long their bout went at Fight For The Fallen.

* Luchasaurus is looking for Jungle Boy, who is backstage playing with equipment. He touches a switch, which turns off the lights the exact moment The Dark Order try to bring Best Friends backstage. The lights turn back on and Orange Cassidy arrives.

* More backstage footage of All Out, including SCU making their entrance, the Librarians talking about how their gimmick is still going, women entering the Casino Battle Royale and the ladder match.

* Young Bucks talk to the media talking about how banged up they are following their ladder match against the Lucha Brothers. They say as long as the fans had a good time that is all that matters. Interview continues with them talking about how every wrestler in the back, their family and friends all asked if they were OK. They said they were hoping for this match to become the craziest ladder match in wrestling history.

* Chris Jericho’s backstage promo is shown from a different angle following his AEW World Title win.

* Page is packing backstage when the Bucks appear. They call him a superstar and invite him out to dinner. Hangman asks for a minute, they leave and he sits back, looking distraught.