As noted, tonight's WWE SmackDown will feature the King of the Ring Coronation for Baron Corbin, who defeated Chad Gable in the tournament finals on last night's RAW episode.

Above is post-show video of Corbin talking to Kayla Braxton. Corbin began the interview by demanding Kayla address him by his new title - King Corbin. Kayla was interrupted when asking how this win will elevate Corbin's career.

"Elevate? Did you just say elevate? How can you elevate something that's already at the top? Look, I am at the top of my game. This King of the Ring tournament was filled with competitors who wanted to be king and well, you're looking at the king. You know what? This crown is just another notch in my belt, another trophy on my shelf, because I won this out of spite. There were people all around the world whining and crying, 'Anybody but Baron Corbin, please, anybody but Baron Corbin!' So, what do I do? I go out and win out of spite. No one can stop me when I'm at the top of my game, and that's exactly where I am," Corbin declared.

On a related note, King Corbin received Twitter praise from Randy Orton and Lance Storm last night.

Storm wrote, "Corbin takes a lot of s--t but that dude always plants guys flat and safe. Even when that catch didn't go right."

Orton responded, "Hate to say it but he's one of the few that gets the art"

You can see their exchange below: