Byron Saxton Appears On Dr. Phil To Discuss Best Friend Who Has Bad Luck With Women (Video)

As seen above, WWE announcer Byron Saxton appeared on Tuesday's episode of The Dr. Phil Show, which airs on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Saxton appeared on the show, via Polycom video call, to help his 47 year old friend Adam, who wants a marriage and children, but has never been in a relationship and doesn't understand why. A woman who Adam once dated also appeared on the show and explained why she put him in the "friend zone" like others have. The show billed Adam as "The 47 Year Old Relationship Virgin" and noted that he still frequents the college party scene.

"I have known Adam for 10 years and it's is absolutely mind-boggling to me, to think that he's never made it to a fourth date with a woman," Saxton told Phil, who appeared on WWE RAW in 2016.

Saxton, who was identified as Adam's best friend and a WWE host, told another embarrassing story about his friend.

"Adam met this female, they were talking all night long, right? Well, at the end of the night the girl looks at Adam and says to him, the only reason she was talking to Adam was because she thought Adam was gay," Saxton said.

A woman named Kendra also appeared and talked about how Saxton's best friend comes on too strong, and makes women feel uncomfortable. Saxton agreed.

"I feel the moment he feels there's just a little bit of hope, he just pounces," Saxton added. Saxton continued, "I'll diagnose it as, Adam being romantically dehydrated."

Finally, the WWE SmackDown announcer gave some advice to his best buddy for when it comes to meeting women. Saxton said, "Take that step back and not be so forward with what you want to say."