Cathy Kelley On Why NXT Wants To Compete With WWE Raw And SmackDown

With NXT moving to USA Network shortly and with AEW debuting on TNT, everyone is talking about Wednesdays being the new Monday Night Wars. There will be competition between WWE's "C show" and AEW's main show, but that won't be the only competition involving NXT.

Some within NXT are seeing this promotion as an opportunity to compete internally within WWE and compare themselves with Raw and SmackDown. NXT broadcaster Cathy Kelley is one of those people who sees the move to USA as a chance to show even more of the WWE Universe what makes NXT so special.

Kelley talked about the mindset of those involved in NXT when she joined Busted Open Radio.

"I feel like NXT right now, every single Superstar, every producer, every camera op, every single person there ? we have this cohesive locker room vibe where we want to win no matter what. Whether it's TakeOver...we want to perform the best that weekend," said Kelley.

"I feel like I'm the smallest part of that but I also want to see NXT's success on that same level and because I think everyone has that same mentality, we are gonna be the best."

With news that WWE plans on creating permanent rosters for both Raw and SmackDown as the move to FOX approaches, there won't be as much intermingling between the brands in the foreseeable future. That would give the feel of the brands operating almost like sports teams where they actually are competing with each other and NXT appears to be the latest team to join that competition.

You can listen to Kelley's comments below. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Busted Open with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.