Placing third on America's Got Talent last night, Ryan Niemiller got to live out his dream for one night. He was able to become a pro wrestler, thanks in part to AEW World Champion Chris Jericho.

Born with a disability in both of his arms, Niemiller, known as the "Cripple Threat of Comedy", is a stand-up comedian who uses his perspective on life to entertain an audience. In the finale, the remaining acts were able to perform with a celebrity and Niemiller chose Jericho, his favorite pro wrestler. He discussed his love for pro wrestling, stating that was the reason he got into comedy.

"I fell in love with it (pro wrestling) at about age 11. It is like live-action superheroes; you could be whoever you want to be. I picture myself in the ring, lifting 300-pound guys up and slamming them to the ground. There's no bigger drama than that. It wasn't going to be like, 'Oh, here's another poor handicap guy.' No, he's a badass. He's going to take care of business. If they turn their back on the Cripple Threat I'm going to knock them out, that's all there is to it."

In the above video, Jericho showed Niemiller how to perform inside the ring, from entering it to performing basic moves. He even helped Niemiller talk trash to judge Simon Cowell.

After a struggle, Niemiller was able to pin his opponent and celebrate with Jericho.