Former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier will postpone plans to retire for one more fight. And no, it is not with current UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Cormier told ESPN that he will accept a third meeting with Stipe Miocic before retiring from mixed martial arts. The bout will be for the UFC heavyweight title, which Miocic reclaimed with a victory at UFC 241 this past August.

“I’m going to fight this guy again and my intention is to fight him in the right way,” Cormier said. “Hopefully that’s enough to get my hand raised. But I’ll go fight him again, win or lose, I’m not fighting again. This will be the only time I ever step foot in the Octagon again.”

UFC president Dana White previously stated that he was working on putting the third encounter between Cormier and Miocic together, but that Miocic is recovering from injuries sustained in the last meeting. Cormier was winning the fight before he suffered the knockout loss in the fourth round.

“They just told me they’re going to go talk to Stipe,” said Cormier, when asked about potential dates for the fight. “That’s it. I’m just worried about what I can control.”