Elias Says Tonight's WWE SmackDown KOTR Match With Ali Will Surprise A Few People

Elias recently spoke with Chuck Carroll of CBS Sports to promote tonight's WWE SmackDown and his King of the Ring quarterfinal match against Ali. Elias said tonight's match is going to surprise a few people. He was asked about how their styles will mesh in tonight's match.


"You know what? I think the style is actually going to really come together well, because I'm a brawler and more of a power guy," Elias said. "He's a littler guy, high-flyer. I think it's going to mix up nice. Now we've never been in the ring together, we've never touched anything like that. Hey, who knows I was going to go down once it's time. But yeah, I think myself versus Ali is going to? It might surprise a few people."

Regarding WWE NXT moving to the USA Network later this month, Elias said he would be interested in making crossover appearances. He was asked if cameo appearances on NXT interest him.

"If an opportunity shows up, I'm always ready to take it," Elias said. "If the story was right then yeah, absolutely, I can see that happening. I mean why not? It's a ratings-driven business. There are certain stars on RAW and SmackDown that draw ratings. NXT is going to do great, but it wouldn't hurt to add some help in the mix. I could see a crossover happening absolutely. All on the same network as well."


Elias recently claimed that he was giving his final musical performance, but now he's singing a different tune. He was asked about recent changes and if that really was it for Elias with the guitar.

"Well, you can never say never. But listen, there comes a time in every wrestler's career, if you really want to take those next steps, you're going to have to evolve. You can't constantly be doing the same thing. While I really do enjoy performing in the ring and all that, there's going to come a time where I can't be doing that every single week. Now, as far as that being my farewell performance, I don't know if I want to say that is my last one, because it was ruined. R-Truth went at me, he messed up all the audio, he messed with my guitar. He tried to win the 24/7 Championship. Is that my farewell? I have to say no. But would there come a time where I have to do that? Quite possibly," he said.

You can read Chuck's full interview with Elias at this link.