Enzo Amore’s WWE tenure was eventful to say the least. He became an NXT star teaming up with Big Cass and then rode that wave to the main roster. He then branched off on his own and became the face of 205 Live and the Cruiserweight division, winning the Cruiserweight Title two times.

But in early 2018 Amore was released by WWE for not disclosing sexual assault allegations against him. Even though Amore’s tenure on the main roster lasted less than two years, he got to see Vince McMahon’s work ethic up close and personal and he discussed that on the Ya Neva Know podcast.

“Vince is the craziest motherf***er I’ve ever met because he works like a dog. He sleeps three hours a night. He’s a control freak; he freaks out if he sneezes because he can’t control it,” revealed Amore. “So if he sneezes, he doesn’t like that function because he can’t control it.

“He lifts at 3:00 AM. He works out in the gym like a sick f**k. I’m pretty sure he partied his ass off back in the day and lived it with all the boys and saw a crazy life for a long time. He’s friends with Donald Trump; his wife was in the cabinet. He runs it the f**k up.”

Amore added that McMahon always refers to the WWE as “our” company and will correct you if you say it any other way. However, he also says that McMahon’s complete and total control over the WWE may be coming to an end in the near future.

“I do think that we might be seeing the downfall of that and it would be crazy to see it in his lifetime,” stated Amore.

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