Flip Gordon Fired From Villain Enterprises

According to the latest VETV video from Villain Enterprises, Flip Gordon has been fired from the group. Marty Scurll broke the news to him and explained that it was because of the way he ordered his steak.

Near the end of the video, after Flip Gordon did a quick promo for the ROH Dearborn event, Scurll said, "You know what Flip that was a great wrestling promo but actually we got the feedback for VETV and it turns out that the fans they fu–ing hate your guts. People were pi–ed about you ordering a steak well-done. Even Zach Sabre Jr was pi–ed about your well-done steak. Anyway, I'm so sorry something came to this, but Flip you're fired."

Flip Gordon asked if he could still hang out with the guys, which Scurll responded, "Thankfully." He also made him give his shirt back.

Gordon did tweet this afternoon, "I can't believe I got fired for that out of all things...."

The new VETV video can be watched above.