Former WWE Manager Slick On Why He Believes He's Not In The WWE Hall Of Fame

Back in the 80s and early 90s, managers were as common in WWE as wristlocks and one of the most notable was The Doctor of Style, Slick. He managed such Superstars as Akeem, The Big Boss Man and The Iron Shiek before transitioning to being a broadcaster.


Three years ago Slick was a part of the class action lawsuit against WWE regarding brain injuries suffered in the ring. Being a part of that suit is what Slick believes is keeping him out of the WWE Hall of Fame as he said on the Prime Time with Sean Mooney podcast.

"I think, that I can say with certainty, that I would be in the Hall of Fame, ahead of Teddy Long, had I not have been a part of that lawsuit," stated Slick. "I think I still will [get into the Hall of Fame] because I know Vince... he's mad now, but as time goes by, he'll cool off, and we'll get a chance to talk, and I still believe I will be. If they never put me in there, they're still not going to take away the fact that I was very, very successful, and that my name had become a household name within wrestling circles."


Slick was at the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame but as an inductor instead of an inductee. He posthumously inducted The Big Boss Man into the Hall of Fame and Boss Man's widow and daughters accepted on his behalf.

The class action lawsuit that Slick was a part of was dismissed in September 2018 and Slick was asked if he has any regrets in being part of the suit.

"Of course not. No I don't regret it; it's only fair. I mean, we made [Vince McMahon] millions of dollars, and we've not been fairly compensated. And we have people who get hurt all the time," said Slick. "I don't want to go into that part, but I have great difficulty, even with my memory. Even now, as we've been doing this interview, sometimes I can't remember what it is I want to say."