Welcome to Wrestling Inc.’s live coverage of GCW: Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport II ! This event is taking place live at the Showboat Atlantic City in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The show will stream live on FITE TV. The pre-show will begin at 7 PM EST and it’s free to watch. The main card will begin at 8 PM EST and will cost $19.99 to view. Below is the updated card for tonight’s event.

Josh Barnett vs. Chris Dickinson

Tom Lawlor vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Ikuhisa Minowa vs. Timothy Thatcher

Allysin Kay vs. Nicole Savoy

Zachary Wentz vs. Anthony Henry

Anthony Carelli vs. Simon Grimm

JR Kratos vs. Erik Hammer

Sumie Sakai vs. Lindsay Snow

Matt Makowski vs. Rory Gulak

Nick Gage vs. Killer Kross

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Our live coverage will begin at 7 PM EST during the pre-show!

The Pre-Show Recap

You can view the entire past results from the first Bloodsport event by clicking here.

The pre-show begins by showing a video recap of the first Bloodsport event with Andy Williams versus Chris Dickinson. Dickinson defeated Williams via submission after putting him in a sleeper hold.

The first match of the night begins!

Rory Gulak vs. Matt Makowski

Makowski goes for a high kick after the bell rings. He fellows it up with a left and then a right arm hook. Down on the mat now, Gulak is in control. Makowski gets out of it in time. Gulak looking for a side lock, Makowski rolls out. Gulak brings Makowski down. Gulak moves his position, Makowski tries to move up and get back on his feet, Gulak puts more force in the takedown. Makowski goes for a triangle choke. He then goes for an armbar. Both men are up and Gulak plants a strong German Suplex. Makowski is going for an arm submission. Gulak once again is able to roll out of it and get back up on his feet.

Makowski lands several kicks, then a standing moonsault. Now, Makowski with an armbar. Gulak slaps him instead. Makowski goes for a straight kick to Gulak’s head. The referee calls for the bell and Makowski gets the win via knockout.

Winner Via Knockout: Matt Makowski

Next, an interview is shown of Zachary Wentz of the Rascalz from Impact Wrestling. He talks about his eight-year career in jiu-jitsu, and that he knows he will be the winner tonight in his match against Anthony Henry.

Henry’s interview is shown right after. He says that he is focused more so on giving the fans their money’s worth tonight and whoever wins between him and Wentz, the fans will be happy either way.

After a few video promotions are shown, the second match of the night is announced.

Sumie Sakai vs. Lindsay Snow

Bell rings, Sakai goes for a few jabs. She throws her whole body at Snow. Snow doesn’t budge. Snow now on top of Sakai puts in a butterfly bar. Both women get up and Sakai goes right for the takedown. Snow with a ninja roll. Sakai rolls out and now puts Snow in an armbar hold. Snow begins to lift Sakai. She gets her up a little bit, and then slams her down on the mat.

Snow uses her arms for a few open hits. Sakai attempts a choke, Snow reverses with a kick. Snow lands a brainbuster. Goes for more hits near the head. Sakai attempts another armbar again, doesn’t stick. Sakai fights to lock in the armbar. She officially locks it in, Snow taps out.

Winner By Submission: Sumie Sakai

This concludes the pre-show. The main event matches are about to begin next!

The Main Show

The show begins and the fans all chant in unison “GCW, GCW!” The announcer announces all the names of the fighters that will be competing tonight. They all come down to the ring one-by-one. Barnett comes down to the ring to welcome fans to Bloodsport II! He says they’re not out there to create art, they are there to wrestle. The fans applaud all the fighters before each one competes in their singles matches.

The third (first main) match is announced.

Zachary Wentz vs. Anthony Henry

Wentz goes right for a high knee towards Henry’s face. Henry goes for the takedown, Wentz rolls out of the submission. Wentz then goes for the takedown. He grabs Henry’s leg and kicks him in the back. Both men are close to the edge of the ring, they both scoot back to the middle of the ring. Henry puts Wentz in a leg lock. Wentz keeps hitting Henry’s knee to break the hold, he is successful.

A catcher’s suplex from Henry. A nice technique submission from Wentz follows. Henry breaks it and goes for the armbar. Wentz goes for several knee strikes. Henry now with the dragon choke, puts the hold on Wentz…Wentz taps out.

Winner By Submission: Anthony Henry

Next is the fourth (second main) match of the night!

Erik Hammer vs. JR Kratos

Bell rings, Kratos goes for jab, Hammer moves out of the way. Kratos holds Hammer’s head during the takedown. Hammer reverses it, he now has Kratos in a headlock. Kratos gets up on his feet, steps over the right leg, and holds the position. Both men are getting close to the edge of the ring. The referee breaks them up and lets them reset the match, after being too close to the edge. Hammer goes back to a single leg takedown. He keeps the lead with a headlock. Kratos rolls out and gets on top. Kratos with an arm pass…Hammer moves out and goes from behind. He now has Kratos locked up near the hip area.

Kratos kicks out. Both men are back on their feet. Kratos with a single leg takedown. Kratos fakes a kick and punches Hammer right in the jaw. Kratos and Hammer exchange back and forth blows. Kratos fights back with two chest chops. Both men have now broken out forearm hits. Kratos with an arm lock now after the takedown. The commentators are worried that Kratos is fading, but that is not the case just yet. Hammer locks in the rear-naked chokehold, then moves it to an armbar. Kratos rolls out and goes for a kneebar on to Hammer. He rolls out of it and both men stand up. Heavy knees from Hammer come next. Kratos counters it with a headlock. Hammer is on one knee…now he’s standing. A suplex roll through follows. Kratos is bleeding from the nose. Hammer now has Kratos in a side headlock. Kratos taps out.

Winner By Tap Out: Erik Hammer

After both men leave the ring, the announcer calls for the fifth (third main) match of the night.

Nicole Savoy vs. Allysin Kay

Savoy attempts a few strikes. Next comes a few kicks. Savoy counters right into an armbar. Kay is able to get her arm right out of the lock and gets on top. She under hooks Savoy’s right arm. Savoy goes the other way and then tries to lock Kay’s arm up. Savoy is on top and lands a few hits onto Kay. She falls off the ring. This helps Kay reset herself in the meantime. Savoy makes her way back in the ring. Kay throws a few hits and slaps, as Savoy has her leg locked up.

Savoy is still holding on to Kay’s leg. Both women get too close to the ring. The referee resets the match. In the middle of the ring now, Savoy goes right back again for Kay’s leg. Kay takes her other leg and kicks Savoy. Both women roll out of the ring. The referee begins the count. They make it back in. Kay lands some short elbows on the side of Savoy’s head. She goes for an armbar, but again, they got too close to the edge. The referee restarts it again.

Kay takes side control. She lands a few forearms right towards Savoy’s face. Savoy twists Kay’s arm back and puts her in a wrist lock. Kay gets out of it. Savoy climbs on top and throws a few hits…Savoy now with an armbar…Kay rolls and gets on top. She takes Savoy’s right arm and pushes it back into a hold. Kay then goes for Savoy’s ankle. Savoy escapes and lands a few rights on top of Kay. Both women are up on their feet. Savoy with a kick strike. Kay rolls out and the referee begins the count. Kay doesn’t get back in until the 8 count. Savoy with an arm lock, Kay reverses and pulls it over with several elbow hits near Savoy’s jaw and head. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner By Knockout: Allysin Kay

Now, the sixth (fourth main) match of the night is announced.

Anthony Carelli vs. Simon Grimm

Carelli goes for a high kick, Grimm moves out of the way. Carelli goes for a takedown. He takes the lead and tries to get Grimm into an armbar submission. Carelli comes down hard with two elbow hits onto Grimm. Grimm counters it. Carelli with the side control, Grimm splits out. Grimm comes in with some elbows and is on top of Carelli now. Carelli flips it and puts pressure on to Grimm’s arm. Grimm is able to slip out. Grimm kicks Carelli’s left quad. Carelli gets up and goes for a left kick on to Grimm. Carelli goes for another takedown.

Solid strikes to the mid-section from Carelli. Grimm to his feet kicks Carelli’s knees. Both men are back up. A toss over the head from Carelli. Grimm is looking to target the leg of Carelli. Both men are now on the outside. They both make their way back into the ring. Carelli has a neck hold on tight. Grimm kicks Carelli in the back of the head to get out of the submission. Carelli locks in the armbar. Grimm tries to break out of it, and does.

Grimm has Carelli in the sleeper’s hold. Carelli flips him over his head. Carelli officially gets Grimm in an armbar. Grimm taps.

Winner By Submission: Anthony Carelli

Post-Match: Both men shake hands. The fans chant as Carelli is about to leave to “please come back.”

Now, the seventh (fifth main) match of the night is announced.

Timothy Thatcher vs. Ikuhisa Minowa

Minowa goes right for a dropkick in the beginning. Now with a takedown, Thatcher goes for an arm hold. Both men break it up and get back on their feet. Minowa goes for a lower kick. Thatcher counters with a European takedown. Minowa goes for Thatcher’s arm, he rolls out, and then gets on top of Minowa. A roll through from Thatcher comes next. Minowa goes for a roll through after they both get up.

Thatcher is on top and throws several arms. Minowa from behind is trying to get in a chokehold. Minowa on top goes for the arm. Thatcher rolls on top and lands a series of body shots. He gets up and Minowa does the same a few seconds later. Roll through takedown from Minowa comes right after. He now has control with a headlock. Thatcher is able to get himself out of it. He slams Minowa back down on the mat.

Minowa has Thatcher’s left leg clutched. Thatcher is trying to break out of it with several forearm hits, it works. Minowa kicks Thatcher right in the head, this puts him down. Minowa goes for an armbar…Thatcher is able to get out. Thatcher puts Minowa in a neck break submission. Minowa taps out of it very quickly.

Winner By Tap Out: Timothy Thatcher

Post-Match: Thatcher points to Minowa and the crowd gives him a round of applause.

After the match, there is an intermission break.

Back from the intermission, the eighth (sixth main) match is announced.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

Before the bell rings, both men shake hands. Now the bell rings. Lawlor goes for the single-leg takedown. Smith Jr. gains control quite quickly. They both break it up and stare each other down. Smith Jr. attempts to put in a wristlock. Both men roll right out to the outside. They come back into the ring. Smith Jr. with an open hand slap to Lawlor. Lawlor rolls out of the ring. He comes back in. Smith Jr. goes for a side headlock. A series of forearms from the right and kicks from the left follows. Lawlor looking for an armbar is able to get it in. Smith Jr. is able to defend against it. He grabs Lawlor’s arm in the process.

Lawlor is able to roll out. Smith Jr. grabs Lawlor’s ankle, Lawlor escapes. Lawlor now is grabbing the leg of Smith Jr. Both men make it out and separate. Smith Jr. with a flip reversal takedown. He throws a few elbows to the side of Lawlor’s head. Lawlor reverses it. An open hand and back elbow follow. Lawlor grabs Smith Jr.’s left arm, he follows it up with a forward roll in an attempt to put Smith Jr. in a rear-naked chokehold. Smith Jr. reverses it with a powerbomb/spinebuster.

Lawlor gets up and goes for a jab and kick combination. Smith Jr. fights back with a short German Suplex. Smith Jr. was very close to putting Lawlor into a sharpshooter. Both men roll out of the ring. The referee begins the count. They both come in, but barely. Back in the ring, Lawlor goes for several chest kicks. Smith Jr. with a chest kick and then a powerbomb. Lawlor is knocked out. Smith Jr. picks up the win.

Winner By Knockout: Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Post-Match: Both men shake hands and give each other a hug.

We are now heading towards the final two matches of the night.

Up next, the ninth (seventh main) match is announced.

Killer Kross vs. Nick Gage

The audience goes wild for Gage chanting “Nick F’n Gage.” Gage jumps right on top of Kross. Kross picks up him and slams him right down onto the mat. Gage is able to roll on top of Kross. Kross reverses and rolls on top of Gage. Kross has Gage’s leg in a hold. Gage slaps him right in the face. Both men break it up.

Kross kicks Gage in the back of the leg. Gage headbutts Kross right in the jaw. He then kicks Kross on the side of the face. Kross comes from behind and puts in him a rear-naked chokehold. Gage puts his middle fingers in the air telling fans that he won’t tap out. He begins to fade. The referee stops the match.

Winner By Submission: Killer Kross

Post-Match: Gage, who is not happy he didn’t win the match, throws the referee and the announcer right out of the ring after it was announced that Kross won. He leaves the ring. Kross is standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand. Kross says that regardless of his win, Gage is the F’n man. The audience roars in cheers.

Kross then says that he absolutely loves this business, but there is one wrestler that he wants to challenge to a future Bloodsport event. The man that he wants to challenge is no other than WWE’s own, Batista! He issues a challenge out to him in hopes that he’ll accept the challenge.

And now, the main event match is upon us!

Chris Dickinson vs. Josh Barnett

Barnett leads with his shoulder right into Dickinson’s chest…he lands a few low kicks. Dickinson goes for Barnett’s leg. Dickinson is going for a chokehold, Barnett rolls over and is now on top, throws a short punch into Dickinson’s ribs. Dickinson on top now tries to work his position. He throws an elbow right near Barnett’s ribs. Barnett reverses and rolls over putting Dickinson in a headlock. Dickinson lands a knee to the head of Barnett.

Barnett is trying to regain composure. Barnett was about to go for an armbar, Dickinson reverses. Barnett scoots himself away from the edge of the ring and goes back towards the middle. Barnett on top grabs hold, Dickinson counters. Barnett is now back in control. Dickinson sneaks a side hit. Barnett tries to get through the defense of Dickinson. Dickinson lands a kick. Dickinson follows it with a front face lock, Barnett counters.

Now, Barnett is in the body scissors position. He throws in a few forearms to break the hold. Dickinson with an elbow follows it up with a forearm. Barnett on top with a series of rights. Goes for the leg of Dickinson’s and isn’t able to get the full extension. Barnett throws Dickinson right over his hip and into a head scissors position again. Barnett from behind attempts a side headlock. Dickinson fights out of it with a few left and right hits.

Dickinson rolls over to his stomach. Instead of going for Barnett’s leg he goes for his arm. Dickinson now has side control. Both men escape and stand up. Barnett comes through with a leg kick. Dickinson returns it with a leg kick and a few open palm strikes. Barnett slaps Dickinson in the back of the head. Barnett picks Dickinson up and slams him down with a gutwrench powerbomb. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner By Knockout: Josh Barnett

Post-Match: Dickinson grabs a microphone. The fans begin to chant “both these guys.” Dickinson says that he enjoyed his match with Barnett, even though he did not come out the winner. He takes a moment to thank Barnett for putting together this show and for giving wrestlers like him a chance to excel in their careers. He hands the microphone over to Barnett.

Barnett begins with “Dickinson, Dickinson.” The fans follow him in the chant. He thanks everyone who came to the show and those who watched the show from home. He says that this is not the last Bloodsport event, that there will be more to come in the future. He adds that if anybody tries to deny this promotion another chance to broadcast this content, he wants the fans to voice in about it. He concludes his speech with several bows.

This concludes Bloodsport II. Thanks for watching!