Hornswoggle On When He Found Out He Would Be Revealed As Vince McMahon's Illegitimate Son

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Dylan "Hornswoggle" Postl spoke with the Smark To Death Podcast about his book, Life is Short and So Am I, that releases this September 19th. He explained how the experience of putting his life into words has helped shape him into who he is today.


"I think [the book] helped shape me as a person more than my career, but I'm a kind of person that there's a reason for everything happening," Postl said. "It definitely didn't shape my career, but it did shape me as a person."

Dylan opened up about how he ignores any negative thoughts that may come up about living life as a little person because it ultimately won't change his fate.

"The minute you start getting down about how your life is panned out – I'm not a religious person, but how God made ya – the minute you get down about that, it's gonna eat at you and eat at you," Postl explained. "My whole life I've dealt with this; being upset about it isn't gonna change anything."

Dylan admits that his time as a leprechaun named "Hornswoggle" in WWE still hasn't fully dawned on him yet. He hopes to remain humble and continue seeing those moments as luck that simply fell into place.


"No, I honestly don't think it will. I don't like to think that way and the moment I start to think that way, I'm being egotistical whether I am or not," Dylan said. "I just think I got lucky. Every step of the way, I've gotten lucky with everything I've gotten to do and be a part of."

An angle that made the "Hornswoggle" character a household name in WWE saw a big reveal that exposed the leprechaun as the illegitimate son of WWE CEO, Vince McMahon. Dylan revealed that he didn't receive the note that he was going to be revealed as Vince's son until 4:30 pm that same day.

"It was the biggest angle that could have ever happened to me, in all honesty. It doesn't get bigger than that for me," Postl said. "I got told that day at 4:30 pm in the afternoon, 'Hey, this is what's happening. You are the son.' Literally, Bruce Prichard told me, 'You are the son.' It was the start of something incredible and one of the biggest things in my career, easily."