Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* MJF sits behind a desk with the plaques: "Salt of The Earth," "Jr. Executive Vice President," and "Cody's Best Friend." MJF announces AEW is headed to Indianapolis, Indiana on November 20 for an AEW on TNT taping. Tickets go on sale Friday, September 20 at 12 pm ET. MJF then rips on Indiana, Andrew Luck (for quitting), and Peyton Manning (calls him "overrated). MJF then makes fun Indianapolis 500. He says Cody will also be coming there with the AEW World Title around his waist after he beats Chris "A little bit of the dad bod" Jericho.

Tony Schiavone interrupts and asks what MJF is doing at Cody's desk, MJF calls Tony "old as s---" and says Cody doesn't mind, when he's not around. Tony says he'll just double check, since he had to call Cody anyways. MJF jumps up out of the chair and says no need as he leaves the office. Tony then sits down, puts MJF's plaques in the drawer, pulls out his own that says "Tony Schiavone - Head Slapd--k."

* Frankie Kazarian tells a story to Christopher Daniels and Scorpio Sky a funny story while the three hang in a hotel room. SCU then has to talk about the upcoming tag tournament and need to decide which two of the three will enter. Daniels jumps in and says it's a young field and SCU would be best with Kazarian and Sky entering. Sky says if they go by experience it should be Kazarian and Daniels, while Sky says he and Kazarian don't have the best record together in AEW. Kazarian then says Daniels and Sky is a tag team nobody has seen, especially in AEW. They don't come to a decision yet, but want to do whatever is best for SCU.

* The Young Bucks announce they will be at a Cracker Barrel in Victorville, California on September 25 from 2-4 pm for a free meet and greet, and will also give away their children's book.

* The Young Bucks visit Brandon Cutler's new house, he's super happy to be in a bigger place, and shows off the new BTE camera equipment. Nick and Matt bring up how Cutler has been getting bullied by guys like MJF and Sammy Guevara, despite being bigger than both guys. They tell Cutler it's great what he's doing with BTE, but he is also a wrestler (as he has two contracts with the company) and will be wrestling on October 2 against MJF on the AEW on TNT premiere.

* BTE Mailbag: Peter Avalon is asked what the name will be of his autobiography. He says It will be "The Librarian: Leva Me Alone, Please." Kenny Omega goes to answer a question, but says he wasn't himself last week and the recent losses have been hard on him. Omega says he's going to do better and be back in the main event scene in no time. Cut to Nick and Matt watching the footage, Matt says Omega still isn't all there, they didn't even ask him to answer a question this week.

Matt says not to use the footage, Nick doesn't agree because last week they played it and the fans like it, the ratings were good. Matt didn't care and just wanted Nick to delete this week's footage, Nick says fine he'll do it. Matt heads off, the camera zooms in on Nick's fingers, which were crossed. Back to Kenny Omega who's freaking out a bit. He yells at the person behind the camera, "Nobody cares about me, anyway!" Omega seems a bit loopy and says he'll let everyone know when he's had enough, and ends with "I'm just getting started."