Matt Morgan Responds To Sasha Banks Using The "Blueprint" Nickname

In wrestling, part of a character is the nickname. If it is catchy, it can stick for years and be synonymous with a wrestler.

For Matt Morgan, "The Blueprint" has been associated with him since 2002, and he brought that with him during his run in Impact Wrestling. On Monday's edition of the Wrestling Inc. Podcast, Morgan, who appears on the podcast every Monday and Tuesday night, discussed the nickname and its involvement in recent WWE storytelling.

This past Monday on Raw, Sasha Banks and Bayley faced off against Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Michael Cole on commentary called Sasha the "Blueprint of the WWE Women's Division", something Sasha has posted on social media. During the podcast, Morgan talked about her use of the name he has been known as for over a decade.

"That's cool. Here's the thing: She could have messaged me and said, 'Hey dude, I like the blueprint, I have blue hair, so I'm going to be the blueprint of the women's division.' Whatever have you, just at least do the common courtesy thing," Morgan stated. "I would have done that, most wrestlers would have done that. The best part is 50% of the roster already told her this."

Sasha and Bayley ended up losing the match inside Madison Square Garden. Besides the fact that he believes that they should have not lost the match, he pointed out that several of Sasha's friends have talked to her about using the "Blueprint" name.

"The fans were the ones who brought it to my attention," Morgan continued. "The sucky thing is that I'm a big fan of hers. I'm always putting her over on this show and I'm going to say that they shouldn't have lost that tag match tonight. Neither her or Bayley should be doing jobs after turning this soon."

One thing that makes the lack of communication interesting is a location of similar interest between them.

"The girl goes to my gym where my poster is on the wall that says 'The Blueprint' Matt Morgan," Morgan stated, after noting that he has not had the chance to meet Sasha.

Sasha is scheduled to face Becky for the latter's Raw Women's Championship this Sunday, September 15 at the Clash of Champions PPV. The event will be held inside the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Morgan, Glenn Rubenstein and Justin LaBar will host a post-Clash edition of the Wrestling Inc. podcast immediately after the show.

You can watch Morgan's comments about Sasha on the Wrestling Inc. podcast in the video above at the 6:40 mark. The Wrestling Inc. Podcast airs every Monday immediately following RAW, Tuesdays immediately following SmackDown, and post-WWE PPV Sundays immediately after the event with Matt Morgan, Glenn Rubenstein and Raj Giri. Replays are streamed on our Facebook page the following day at noon ET. You can subscribe to the Wrestling Inc. Podcast on iTunes and on YouTube. Please rate us and leave a comment.