Maury Povich Sends Paternity Test Invite To WWE Stars (Video)

As seen below, Maury Povich of The Maury Show took to Twitter today to issue an invitation to Maria Kanellis, Mike Kanellis and Rusev, to come on his show for a paternity test.

"Maria, Mike, Rusev... no need to fight it out in the ring! If you're looking for a paternity test, give us a call," Povich said.

We noted last week how there had been a pitch within WWE to bring Povich into the Kanellis storyline. He films his long-running TV show in Stamford, CT, near WWE's HQ and TV studios. Last week Povich's Twitter account responded to a WWE tweet that commented on who the father of Maria's baby boy is, and that started the storyline involvement.

As noted, Maria first named Ricochet as the father of her child on last week's RAW but that just led to Ricochet squashing Mike after he insisted Maria was lying. Maria then brought back Rusev to WWE TV and named him as the father. Rusev also squashed Mike in a quick match. It was reported last week, via the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that WWE plans to keep building the storyline to another reveal, and that Rusev won't be the father in the end. Maria is just over 20 weeks pregnant with her son, which will be her second child with Mike.

Stay tuned for updates on the Kanellis pregnancy storyline and Maury's involvement. You can see the full video below: