Welcome to Wrestling INC’s recap of Major League Wrestling’s weekly episodic Fusion. Today’s show takes place from the Melrose Ballroom in Queens, New York. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!

Show opens with Konnan being interviewed. He says that he still has Salina de la Renta’s phone, and plans on using it to exploit her. Promociones Dorado (LA Park, Ricky Martinez, Bestia 666) comes out of nowhere and attacks him. Salina is with them. She picks up her phone, while her goons stand tall over Konnan.

Rich Bocchini and Tony Schiavone welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. They tell us tonight’s main event will show National Openweight champion Alexander Hammerstone’s match in Pro Wrestling Noah’s N1 Victory tournament against Go Shiozaki.

Injustice member Jordan Oliver makes his way to the ring for a match with Gringo Loco. Oliver cuts a promo saying that Loco damaged his partner Myron Reed’s ribs with the use of brass knuckles during last week’s six-man tag. Oliver is seeking revenge, and claims he’s out for blood. Loco is out next, and our first bout is underway.

Jordan Oliver versus Gringo Loco

Oliver attacks Loco right off the bat, stomping him to ringside. Reed lands a few shots on Loco while Oliver distracts the referee. More stomps from Oliver, followed by a huge chop. Irish-whip and running elbow rocks Loco. Oliver connects with another. He goes for a third…Loco bounces over and hits a dropkick to Oliver’s leg. Standing moonsault from Loco. He ties Oliver up in the ropes…big right hand. Oliver responds with a forearm smash but Loco nails a handspring back elbow to retake control. Both men off the ropes…big boot from Oliver sends Loco to the outside again. Suicide dive. Oliver throws Loco back into the ring and goes for the cover…only two.

Oliver attempts a springboard frankensteiner…Loco counters it into a sit-out powerbomb for a nearfall. He climbs…split-legged moonsault connects with pin…Oliver manages to sneak a shoulder out. He distracts the referee by pretending to use their Injustice sign as a weapon…he thumbs Loco in the eye and hits a pop-up stunner. Cradle for two. Oliver applies the guillotine. Loco escapes and sends Oliver to the outside with an enziguri. Reed goes to help Oliver up…tope con hilo from Loco! Back in the ring…Oliver plays like he’s injured and the referee backs Loco off…Reed punches Loco in the leg with brass knuckles, then smashes him over the head with a steel chair. Oliver makes the pin for the victory.

Jordan Oliver wins by pinfall

Post match Oliver and Reed continue to assault Loco while the crowd reigns boos.

Preview for MLW’s first ever pay per view, Saturday Night SuperFight, live from Chicago Illinois on November 2nd.

Commentary reminds us that Low Ki has been announced as the fourth member for Team Lawlor at this Saturday’s War Chamber event (airing next Saturday) against Contra Unit.

Promo from Low Ki. He asks if Tom Lawlor and the Von Erichs can trust him. “At this time…how can you not?” asks Low Ki. He calls the War Chamber the most brutal match in MLW history. “Whatever the outcome may be gentleman…I’m the best option.” Segment ends.

Back to the arena…Dynasty’s Richard Holliday makes his way out for our next contest. Holliday gets on the microphone and plays up that he’s an MLW tag champion. He says there are a lot of conspiracies in the company, the number one being that the Hart Foundation runs the show, but Dynasty is clearly the superior faction. “We are undoubtedly the only true thing in Major League Wrestling.” Brian Pillman Jr. is out next.

Richard Holliday versus Brian Pillman Jr.

Pillman blocks a kick and unloads onto Holliday with chops to open. Holliday traps Pillman in the corner and unleashes some chops of his own. Irish-whip reversed by Pillman…running corner lariat, followed by a flush dropkick and lariat that sends Holliday to the outside. Pillman goes for a mule kick off the apron but Holliday catches his leg and swings it out and Pillman collides with the apron hard. Back in the ring…Holliday stomps away at Pillman. He nails a running elbow for a nearfall. Pillman falls out of a suplex…Holliday doesn’t allow him to gain control by hitting a big boot. Final cut suplex from Holliday. He cranks away at Pillman’s neck trying to wear him down. Elbow drop misses…Pillman takes advantage and hits more strikes. Off the ropes…flying crossbody from Pillman. He nails Holliday with a series of running attacks in the corner. Holliday picks Pillman’s legs and goes for a Boston crab…Pillman cradles him…two. Snap powerslam. Another two count. Crowd is entirely behind Pillman.

Holliday picks Pillman up in a firemans carry…rolling senton for two. Holliday starts arguing with the referee that the count was slow. He goes to the outside and grabs a chair. Ref pulls it away. Pillman picks up a trophy but instead of using it tosses it at Holliday and hits the mat. Ref thinks that Holliday used the weapon…Holliday is begging for the ref not to DQ him. He takes away the trophy and turns his back…Pillman hits a low blow and a straight jacket neckbreaker to steal the win.

Brian Pillman Jr. wins by pinfall

Preview for Dominic Garrini, who is making his MLW debut soon.

Recap of last week’s MLW Heavyweight title rematch between Jacob Fatu and Tom Lawlor. An exciting back and forth affair ended with Josef Samael nailing Lawlor with a railroad spike while the referee’s back was turned. Fatu would hit his finishing springboard moonsault to retain. Afterwards, Contra Unit started attacking Lawlor. The Von Erichs and Low Ki would even the score, and both teams brawled all over the arena to end the show.

Promo from the Von Erichs. They hope they can trust Low Ki, because this match with Contra Unit is a war, and they plan on ending the faction’s reign of terror in their home-state of Texas. “Contra…the Von Erichs are coming for you. We’re fighting for our future and the future of MLW.”

Cut to Mance Warner. He says Jimmy Havoc may have gotten him locked up in jail, but he’s a Southern Psycho, and now Havoc is in his sights. He says he’s come up with a gameplan to mess Havoc up, and looks forward to causing him a great deal of pain.

Interview with Tom Lawlor. He says that his rib injury will not stop him from competing at War Chamber. “It doesn’t matter if I have any bones left in my body. I am walking into that steel cage with Low Ki and the Von Erichs…it’s my destiny to make sure Contra doesn’t walk out.” Lawlor goes on to say that he also doesn’t fully trust Low Ki, but that their common enemy is more important.

We cut to Nagoya Japan for our main event. National Openweight champion Alexander Hammerstone is out first. Go Shizaki is second. Introductions are done. Here we go.

Alexander Hammerstone versus Go Shiozaki N1 Victory Tournament

Tie-up. Neither man can gain the advantage…they both end up on the ropes and the referee separates them. Reset. Wristlock by Hammerstone on the second tie-up. Shiozaki reverses the pressure…Hammerstone picks the ankle but Shiozaki counters and applies a headlock. Hammerstone forces a break by making it to the ropes. Shiozaki hits a boot to the gut, then smashes Hammerstone with a shoulder block…Hammerstone doesn’t budge. He challenges Shiozaki to do it again…Hammerstone runs through him.

We go to commercial.

Back from break…Shiozaki lifts Hammerstone for a suplex…he got it. Cover…only two. Hammerstone lands a few forearm smashes but has a pump kick blocked. Hammerstone responds by rocking Shiozaki with an elbow…pump kick and German suplex…Shiozaki is right back up. Another German from Hammerstone with pin…ref is slow…it’s only a two count. Powerbomb attempt…Shiozaki back body drops Hammerstone. Huge lariat decapitates Hammerstone. Both men are down.

Back and forth striking…Shiozaki hits a chop but Hammerstone unloads a three forearm combo…discus forearm. He picks Shiozaki up…nightmare pendulum. Shiozaki kicks out. Hammerstone calls for the burning hammer…Shiozaki blocks it…ripcord lariat nearly wins the match for Shiozaki. Lariati misses…Hammerstone connects with a boot and enziguri in succession. Exploder suplex that Shiozaki powers out of. Shiozaki with a charge…knee strike and powerbomb from Hammerstone. He hits another Nightmare Pendulum. It’s over.

Alexander Hammerstone wins by pinfall

Commentary commends Hammerstone on a brilliant performance.

The feed is cut off by a promo from Contra. Josef Samael says they are going to wave the Contra flag high over Dallas. Simon Gotch says that when the smoke clears in the War Chamber, Contra will be the only group standing tall.

That’s the show friends.