Welcome to Wrestling INC's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Today's show takes place from the NYTEX Sports Centre in Dallas, Texas. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!

Show opens with footage of Contra Unit's destruction over MLW since they debuted back at SuperFight in February. This led to Jacob Fatu eventually dethroning "Filthy" Tom Lawlor as the MLW Heavyweight champion, and setting up tonight's main event War Chamer matchup. During this time, Ikuro Kwon was introduced as the newest member of Contra, joining Fatu, Simon Gotch, and Josef Samael. Lawlor would later recruit the Von Erich brothers (Ross and Marshall) and form an alliance with Low Ki, the very man he feuded with at SuperFight. Clips of Low Ki calling Contra the enemy of my enemy. "It is now time to get into that cage...and go to war."

Rich Bocchini and Tony Schiavone welcome us to another edition of Fusion. Leo Brien makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. His opponent...an unknown enhancement talent...is already in the ring. Commentary cannot confirm his name.

Leo Brien versus Enhancement Talent

Brien destroys the unknown with a running big boot. He rag-dolls him all around the ring, then hits a stinger splash into the corner. Oklahoma Stampede...and this one is over quick.

Leo Brien wins by pinfall

As soon as the match ends, Salina de la Renta comes out, along with LA Park. Park attacks the unknown enhancement talent with a steel chair. Referee tries to interrupt but Park lays him out as well. Salina slaps the unknown across the face, then grabs a microphone. "The reason I am standing before all you red-neck trashy people right now is because I am introducing the greatest wrestler in the history of Mexican Sports...LA Park." Crowd gives LA Park a loud ovation. Salina then announces that Park is going to cash-in his golden ticket championship opportunity, which he won at Battle Riot II, at the November 2nd Saturday Night SuperFight pay per view from Chicago. "Promociones Dorado means gold," says Salina. They exit.

A match graphic makes the bout official. LA Park versus Jacob Fatu for the MLW Heavyweight championship.

Footage of the ongoing rivalry between Dynasty and The Hart Foundation. Cut to Teddy Hart, who is at a skating rink in Calgary. He calls Hockey the greatest sport in the world, and says this is where he cut his teeth. He lists off his accolades as not only a wrestler, but as a hockey player, and boxer. He then berates MJF and Richard Holliday, promising that he's going to fly to Dallas and kick their asses. "The penalty for messing with the Hart Foundation is death."

Commentary tells us that next week Dynasty will defend the MLW tag team championship against the Hart Foundation in a 2-out-of-3 falls matchup.

Clip of Kevin Von Erich, along with his sons Ross and Marshall, driving through Dallas. They stop near the old Sportatorium where Kevin and his brothers used to perform back in the day. He recalls the thousands of screaming fans. Audio of that is synced while he continues to reminisce with his boys. They all pick up a stone to remember this family moment.

Main event time. Crowd is on their feet chanting "War Chamber" as the ring announcer explains the rules of the matchup. It's the same traditional WarGames rules, but here they are just in case:

-Two teams of four.
-Coin toss determines which team enters first.
-1on 1 for 5 minutes
-Winner of the coin toss comes out for a 2 on 1 advantage
-Alternating team fighters enter every 2 minutes
-Once all combatants are in the chamber, victory can be achieved by submission, surrender, or pinfall.

Simon Gotch from Contra Unit is out first, indicating that they won the coin toss. Marshall Von Erich is out first for his team, accompanied by his father Kevin, who is announced as the team coach. Crowd goes nuts for both men. The cage door is closed. Here we go.

Team Von Erich versus Contra Unit WAR CHAMBER

Back and forth striking to start. Marshall nails Gotch with a standing dropkick, then follows that up with a corner lariat and running cannonball. Powerslam and elbow drop in succession. He goes for a headlock...Gotch escapes but Marshall hits a big right. Chops in the corner. Snapmare and basement lariat from Marshall. Gotch kicks Marshall in the gut slowing his pace. Marshall responds with a hard Irish-Whip. Another headlock applied. Kevin watching from the outside. Marshall smashes Gotch's face off the steel cage. Vertical suplex attempt...he hits it. Gotch back to his feet...they trade chops...Marshall wins the exhange...he goes for a guillotine. Timer goes off...next competitor comes out.

Josef Samael is the next entrant into War Chamber

Marshall immediately meets Samael as he enters. He is able to temporarily fight them off but the numbers game eventually gets to him. Samael claws at Marshall's eyes while Gotch lays into him with a big knee to the gut. They wear him down until Team Von Erich's timer goes off.

"Filthy" Tom Lawlor is the next entrant into War Chamber

Lawlor comes in hot. Running lariat to Samael. He unloads strikes onto Gotch. Stereo corner attacks from Lawlor and Marshall. Lawlor goes after Samale, locking up his arm in the ropes, then unleashing big combo. Lawlor screams to pump himself and the crowd up. Marshall still going at it with Gotch. Timer goes off.

MLW Heavyweight champion Jacob Fatu is the next entrant into War Chamber

Lawlor and Marshall double-team Fatu, but he single-handedly fights them off. Pop-up Samoan drop to Lawlor. Fatu with a spinning Uranagi to Marshall. Handspring kick into Lawlor...standing moonsault to Marshall! Samael and Gotch stomp Lawlor down in the corner while Fatu drives his shoulder into Marshall's already damaged gut. Timer goes off.

Low Ki is the next entrant into War Chamber

Big pop for Low Ki. Samael tries to attack him coming in but Low Ki whips the cage door at his head. Gotch hits a lariat...Low Ki answers back with an enziguri. He elbows Samael, then mounts Gotch in the corner for elbow strikes. Samael is busted open and bleeding bad. Team Von Erich appears to be in control...Fatu swings the momentum to his team's favor. Timer goes off.

Ikuro Kwan is the next entrant into the War Chamber

Kwan is greeted with boos. He charges to the ring and goes right at Low Ki. Back and forth striking exchange...Kwan gets the better of Low Ki with an axe kick. Marshall reverses an Irish whip from Samael but Kwan takes advantage of an opening and strikes him down. Timer goes off.

Ross Von Erich is the final entrant into War Chamber

The match can now officially begin. Ross is hitting everything in sight. Big boots to Fatu. Marshall claw chokeslams Gotch, while Ross powerslam the champ! Samael is bleeding even worse Frankensteiner to Fatu from Ross gets a huge pop. Helluva kick. Action is all over the place, with neither team having the clear advantage. Meanwhile Low Ki has recovered and chops away at Kwan. Multiple kicks by Lawlor to Gotch...he back suplexes him. Fatu chokes Ross with a rope but the Von Erich brother shows incredible resilience. Contra Unit starts building momentum. Gut-wrench suplex by Samael for a nearfall. Kevin is still on the outside trying to rally his team. Fans begin chanting for Low-Ki, which gets the former champion back into the match. Samael climbs the cage and drops an axe-handle. Lawlor and Fatu tangle...with Lawlor dropping him with a flurry of strikes.

Samael begins shouting at Kevin on the outside...this gives Marshall a chance to get back to his feet and hits a lariat. Lawlor ties Gotch up in a muta lock. Fatu goes for a Samoan drop...Marshall applies the claw! Fatu fights through the pain...he takes out Marshall and whips Ross of the ropes...pop-up Samoan drop. No cover can be made. Samael climbs again...Low Ki meets him up there forces his head off the top of the cage which is covered in barbed wire. A masked man tries to get into the cage...Kevin pulls him down...HE PUTS HIM IN THE IRON CLAW! CROWD GOING NUTS. Back in the ring...Lawlor catches Samael in the rear-naked choke...Samael is fading...he reveals the iron spike! Kwan spits mist into Lawlor's eyes! Superkick from Fatu! He climbs...moonsault lands. Cover...Low Ki breaks it up! Fans are loving this. Gotch goes for a piledriver on Ross...Marshall puts him in the claw...Ross lifts him up...doomsday device with the claw. Von Erichs get the win!

Team Von Erich wins the War Chamber by pinfall

Low Ki and Lawlor shake hands while the Von Erich family celebrates in the ring. Commentary recalls all the history that has occurred in the family's history. Contra is displeased, with Fatu shouting at crew members and security at ringside, who assures they don't try to keep the fight going.

That's the show friends.