MLW Fusion Recap (9/28): Bunkhouse Brawl, Thatcher Calls Out Lawlor, Medical Update On Teddy Hart

Welcome to Wrestling INC's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Today's show takes place from the NYTEX Sports Centre in Dallas, Texas. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!

Recap of last week's main event tag title match between Dynasty and the Hart Foundation, when Austin Aries attacked Teddy Hart costing his team the victory. Hart would be taken to a nearby medical facility so a physician can assess his injuries. Aries has reportedly been fined for his attack.

Fusion intro.

Rich Bocchini and Tony Schiavone welcome us to another edition of Fusion. They hype the evening's main event...a bunkhouse brawl between Jimmy Havoc and Mance Warner. Also on the card...Timothy Thatcher battles Douglas James. Injustice makes their way to the ring for opening tag action. Kotto Brazil and Myron Reed will be competing, while Jordan Oliver accompanies them to the ring. They'll be facing...Gringo Loco and Air Wolf. Before the bell rings...Oliver sneaks a pair of brass knuckles to Brazil.

Injustice versus Gringo Loco/Air Wolf

Reed and Loco begin. He baits Loco to the corner so Brazil can connect with an enziguri. He tags in...chops to Loco. Pace picks up...Loco double-stomps Brazil. Irish-whip...Loco flips out showing off his athleticism. Brazil charges but Loco catches him with an overhead belly to belly into the corner. Eye rake from Brazil. Both men tag out. Wolf and Reed tie-up. Wolf hits an elbow and a jawbreaker. He chops Reed in the chest...his vest protector absorbs the blow and doesn't effect him. Brazil and Loco back in...a distraction from Oliver gives Brazil and Reed the advantage for a double-team move. To the outside...Brazil whips Loco into the barricade. They throw Loco back in...leg drop from Reed. Wolf tries to help his partner but the referee stops him, giving Injustice a chance to stomp Loco down. Reed throws Brazil into Loco, who rocks him with an uppercut. Basement dropkick from Brazi. Cover...Loco kicks out. Brazil with a powerbomb...some miscommunication from Injustice as the legal man wasn't in to make the cover.

Wolf kicks Reed from the apron, allowing Loco to take Reed down with a Michinoku driver. Brazil runs in and knocks Wolf off the apron so Loco can't make the tag. Brazil and Reed get trapped on the top rope...Loco sneaks underneath them...double-electric chair drop! Wolf tags in and makes the's over.

Gringo Loco/Air Wolf win by pinfall

Post match, Injustice argues with the referee that Brazil was not the legal man. They place a beating on the referee, while Loco and Wolf exit after a short celebration.

Cut to a promo by Mance Warner. He's with his Uncle, who came down from Texas to watch Ole Mancer beat the sh** out of Jimmy Havoc. "Jimmy front of my front of the God as my witness...Ole Mancer putting you down."

The vignette on Dominic Garrini plays teasing his appearance in MLW this upcoming fall.

Commentary tells us that Injustice attacked more referees during the break. An update on Teddy Hart is given by Brian Pillman Jr. He says that Hart has been permanently injured due to Austin Aries attack. "You think I want to see my family hurt?" asks Pillman. He challenges Aries to a matchup for next week's Fusion so he can show the Hart family his loyalty.

Footage from earlier in the day shows Salina de la Renta entering the arena. Cameraman tries to ask her what Jimmy Havoc's strategy will be for tonight's Bunkhouse Brawl with Mance Warner. She refuses to answer.

Preview for MLW's first PPV, Saturday Night SuperFight, featuring Jacob Fatu defending the heavyweight title against LA Park.

Flashback to the Von Erichs promising to come after Dynasty for the tag team titles. Cut to Kevin Von Erich with his boys...they are visiting a children's hospital in Texas. MJF and Richard Holliday stroll up talking about buying the hospital and turning it into a hotel or a casino. This leads to Kevin Von Erich knocking Holliday's coffee out of his hand. Holliday hyperventilates, and MJF says that they will pay.

Back to the arena...Douglas James makes his way to the ring for his debut matchup against Timothy Thatcher.

Douglas James versus Timothy Thatcher

Tie-up. Both men show off their mat-wrestling prowess. Thatcher has the clear size advantage. James lands some leg kicks...Thatcher catches one and turns it into a single-leg crab. James turns it into a kneebar but Thatcher is able to gain better positioning. More leg kicks from James. Back and forth striking...James rocks Thatcher with a lariat. Stiff kicks to Thatcher's chest...Thatcher shakes them off and takes James down with a belly-to-belly suplex. Headlock. James elbows his way out of hit. Thatcher powerslams James. He forces him up to the ropes, then clubs him in the head. Single-leg applied on the ropes...the referee forces Thatcher to release. James catches Thatcher off the ropes...hip-toss into an armbar! Thatcher in trouble...he powers out and deadlifts James for a gut-wrench. A second one for a nearfall. Another huge uppercut from Thatcher...James fires back with a jumping knee. Big strike takes Thatcher down. Cover by James...Thatcher kicks out. Suplex attempt from James...Thatcher blocks it but James makes him pay with a spinning back fist. Thatcher answers by slapping James. James jumps up and locks in a guillotine. Thatcher escapes but he eats another knee! James to the top...moonsault...Thatcher gets the knees up! He locks in the armbar...James taps.

Timothy Thatcher wins by submission

After the match is over Kaci Lennox interviews Thatcher. Thatcher commends James on a job well done. Fans give a nice ovation to the respect shown. James says he'll fight Thatcher any day of the week before exiting. Thatcher then challenges "Filthy" Tom Lawlor to a match at Saturday Night SuperFight.

Backstage...Jimmy Havoc finds a bunch of scarecrows and pitchforks from Mance Warner with a sign that says "I'm coming." Havoc doesn't care. "You're screwed mate," growls Havoc as he prepares to head to the ring. Elsewhere, Mance Warner talks with Kaci Lennox. He talks about all the weapons that will be used during the Bunkhouse Brawl.

Commentary tells us that next week's matchup with Austin Aries is official. A match graphic is shown.

Main event time. All the weapons are set. Jimmy Havoc is out first wearing his signature mask. Ole Mancer is next. Here we go.

Jimmy Havoc versus Mance Warner Bunkhouse Brawl

Havoc attacks Warner while he's playing to the crowd on the apron. Havoc chokes Warner with the American flag that he brought to the ring. Havoc smashes a square box of hay over Warner's head. Warner fights back...he whips Havoc into a giant barrel. Havoc tries to smash a cowbell off Warner's head...he dodges it and uses the bell himself. Warner wraps a bullrope around Havoc's neck and throws him into the time-keepers area. Fans chants "more cowbell." Warner gets temporarily distracted...Havoc makes him pay by hitting him with the bell. Havoc thrusts a shovel into Warner's neck cutting off his air supply. Ole Mancer gets back to his feet and tosses a chair at Havoc's head. Neither man appears to have a clear advantage. Fight eventually moves into the ring. Havoc lays into Warner with the same chair from before. Havoc goes to work on Warner with a rake...he rakes him across the back and the head.

Warner eye-pokes Havoc to retake control. He low-blows him with the rake handle. Warner jumps to the outside and pulls a board from under the ring. He sets it up in the corner. Bionic elbow from Warner for two. He goes to throw a pumpkin at Havoc but Havoc moves. Havoc reveals that he has a staple-gun in hand...he staples Warner's crotch! Havoc then staples Warner's tongue to a pumpkin! Warner rips it out and DDTS Havoc onto the ends up on Havoc's head! Crowd loving this. Warner hits a running knee for two. He pulls out another ring board. He builds a table with it using two chairs. Havoc out of nowhere hits a forearm and a German suplex. He picks Warner up...DVD into the board in the corner! Cover...Warner kicks out. Havoc staples Warner's tongue to the other board. He climbs to the top...Warner whips a pumpkin at Havoc...he meets him up top for a superplex...superplex through the board! Warner follows up with a huge lariat. That'll do it.

Mance Warner wins by pinfall

As soon as the match is over Havoc attacks Warner from behind. He has barbed wire, which he wraps around Warner's face and yanks back on it! Warner is a bloody mess. Several referees and security officials try and pull Havoc off but he fights them off. Havoc bites Warner's head and tastes his blood. He eventually leaves as staff checks on Warner.

That's the show friends.