We noted a few weeks back how WWE had filed to trademark "WWE's The Bump" as a potential show name. It was speculated that this could be the new name for the WWE FS1 studio show rumored to begin airing on Tuesday nights in November, but now it appears that is not the case.

WWE re-tweeted a video from @WWETheBump earlier today, which appears to be an official WWE Twitter account as it is only following the three main company accounts.

The video from @WWETheBump says it is from TV host Evan Mack's recent audition with the company, on Wednesday, August 21 at the WWE TV studios in Stamford, CT. The video starts out with a message that says it is "for internal use only." The video can be seen at the end of this post.

Mack is a TV host from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, born on an Air Force base in California on June 9, 1984. He is set to graduate from Full Sail University with a degree in Sportscasting in November of this year.

Mack's LinkedIn account notes that he was hired to work as a WWE Production Assistant in the Los Angeles area back in June. It also notes that he was hired as an On-Air Personality in September, working out of Stamford, CT.

Mack's LinkedIn account also lists two years as Creative Director at his own Mad Mack Entertainment, 6 months, and counting, as Creative Director of Cereal Talk Entertainment, and a Host at Afterbuzz TV from June 2017. Mack also worked as a Producer for Afterbuzz's WWE post-show, beginning in May 2017.

You can see the full video from the @WWETheBump account below. Stay tuned for updates on the cryptic Twitter account.