Former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia spoke with WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Nikki Cross on her Chasing Glory podcast. During the interview, Cross talked about what life is like on the road since she got called up to the main roster.

"You grow up fast," Cross said. "NXT prepared us well. I would say that every Monday and Tuesday you are going live and it's embracing that and really loving that thrill and working with the writers and creatively always pitching ideas and having.

"I always look at ideas as babies, where you want to nurture it and grow it, you want to grow your ideas and develop your ideas, which I know I had done that in NXT but now I am doing it up here, so for me, as I imagined, the travels never bothered me."

Cross went on to explain that while travelling can be hard, the time on the road has allowed her to do things she loves, including studying for a Masters degree.

"When you sign up for this, when you realize that this is what I am going to do with my life and travelling is part of that. I have learned to love that," Cross said. "I always have my Kindle. I love reading; I actually went back to school, I am going back to earn my History Masters degree in September.

"A Masters is such a huge undertaking. Going back to school to earn my Masters, for me it's important to prepare yourself because you are not always going to be able to wrestle. We are all one day away from that, God forbid major injury. That was always something that scared me.

"Wrestling is my passion. I have never loved anything like wrestling. I have watched this since I was 10 years old, but I always knew there was a possibility that I can no longer do this when I am 50 or 60."

With the conversation moving onto the British wrestling scene, Cross was asked about Killian Dain, who she has had a long and extensive history with throughout her career.

"We met in Scotland," Cross begins. "He is from Ireland and he moved to Scotland to pursue wrestling training, and during that time there weren't many schools in his area so he moved Edinburgh and he travelled to wrestling school in Glasgow.

"He was training for about four years and then in 2008 I traveled to that school and then we had trained together; we were training buddies and friends and then it kind of developed into more."

Speaking about her relationship with Dain, Cross fondly remembers a time when she realized that the relationship between the two could be more than just friends.

"We were in the backseat of my friends' car," Cross explained. "Driving back from a show and he had a Galaxy Muffin, it's like a chocolate chip muffin and he shared his muffin with me. To me, I don't know if it was love at first bite with the chocolate muffin, perhaps it was.

"Another time, we were at the theater watching The Dark Knight and sat next to each other. I thought how handsome he was. Every time we spent time together usually it was at a show, or we were training together or travelling together, but this was a social setting with like ten other people there so the sparks kind of grew from there.

"Later on we held hands. We were at a nightclub and were dancing and I believe that was our first kiss. I wish I could remember the song but it was a really relaxed, chilled out bar, nightclub and it was there we had our first kiss. Our first official date was when I made him go see 'Mama Mia,' he loved that movie actually."

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.