- The above video is a match from when Sasha Banks and WWE RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch were in NXT. Tomorrow at Clash of Champions, it will be Sasha Banks Vs. Becky Lynch.

- Randy Orton had an issue with American Airlines this evening because of a flight attendant. He tweeted, "Nothing raises my blood pressure quite like a good ol fashion prick of a flight attendant @AmericanAir."

- Ali wrote about his sold-out signing this afternoon and how people didn't care about his name, his background, or color and just wanted to show him, love.

His full tweet was, "Days like this are always gonna be wild to me. Growing up, my name, my background, my color, was always met with negativity. Today, in Charlotte, NC, I had a sold-out signing. The last thing anyone cared about was my name, my background, my color. They just wanted to show me love."