There's new speculation on several WWE RAW Superstars possibly being sent to SmackDown in the upcoming WWE Draft.

As seen in the photos below, Fox and WWE reportedly hired production company Two Birds Films to work on a SmackDown promotional video during SummerSlam weekend in Toronto last month. Superstars featured in the shoot included Randy Orton, Mandy Rose, Rey Mysterio, The Miz, WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Alexa Bliss and RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch.

While Rose and Orton are currently featured on the blue brand roster, it's interesting to note that Lynch, Miz, Mysterio and Bliss are currently featured on the red brand roster. Lynch and Bliss do spend a good amount of time on RAW and SmackDown, because they are current champions.

Some consider a Miz move to Friday nights unlikely because "Miz & Mrs." airs on the USA Network, and is scheduled to return to the line-up in early 2020 as the 20-episode second season begins. There's been no word yet on if "Miz & Mrs." will be moved to Mondays or Wednesdays to air after RAW or WWE NXT, but it seems likely.

As noted, the 2019 WWE Draft is reportedly scheduled to begin on the Friday, October 11 SmackDown from Las Vegas and then end on the October 14 RAW from Denver. The current plan is for WWE to focus on real brand exclusivity for each show, and that goes for Superstars, announcers, storylines and other aspects. While RAW and SmackDown Superstars will be switching rosters as they have in the past, it's rumored that some NXT Superstars will be called up in the Draft as well.