Sasha Banks On Why She Took A Break From WWE, How She Feels About NXT's Move

Sasha Banks was a guest on the WFNZ Show, The Mac Attack. During the interview, Sasha Banks spoke about how taking a break WWE was best for her, watching wrestling as a kid, NXT coming to USA, and how women wrestling is changing.


When asked about why she took a break from WWE after WrestleMania, Sasha revealed that people need to step back and re-evaluate their lives.

"I've been doing this for seven years straight, no breaks," Sasha Banks said. "People need to step back, re-evaluate their lives, take care of their souls, and their minds. I'm back and better than ever. I got myself a championship match on Sunday, so I think I did quite well for myself."

Sasha went on to speak about watching wrestling as a kid, who inspired her, and how wrestling has changed for the better for women wrestlers.

"At the age of 10, I watched Eddie Guerrero and I was like this is what I want to do," Banks revealed. "This is what I was born to do. Everything that I ever dreamt of. Since then I've dreamt of being a wrestler every single day. When I was 18 I joined a wrestling school and two years later I got signed with WWE."


"Like you said before the girls were valets, we had wrestlers but they would sprinkle them in and out," Sasha Banks said about how female wrestlers were portrayed. "Now it's just like it really took over, where we had our own women's PPV called Evolution. This past year women got to main event WrestleMania. People would never ever think that would happen and they got to do that. Just to be given this opportunity to just create more magic and we're just blowing it out of the park."

When asked about NXT coming to USA, Sasha Banks couldn't have been prouder.

"I mean it's so crazy, it gives me goosebumps. I just can't believe it," Banks admitted. "NXT is its own brand. They're just really taking over and I'm so proud to be part of it. Just seeing the growth here and there I saw at the performance center how many potential starts we have in the making. It's just cool that there's NXT on USA, where the whole world can see them now."

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