Yesterday we asked if WWE RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch will retain the title against Sasha Banks at next Sunday's WWE Hell in a Cell PPV. In a landslide, most of you are expecting Banks to take the title. Not only to keep Banks' momentum going, but to give Lynch something else to work with as some of you felt like her run is getting a bit stale. Also, with the upcoming draft, it's likely Lynch will head to SmackDown and bringing the RAW title wouldn't make much sense.

Thanks to everyone who responded, below are some of the top comments:


"I hope Sasha is booked to win, personally. I'm a big fan of Becky, but haven't really enjoyed this 'the Man' phase of her career much."

Billy Walker:

"If the rumors are true that FOX want Lynch on SmackDown, then it'd certainly make sense to do the change. I honestly think it would suit both Becky and Sasha as well, the Banks character is made to be the cheating champion while Becky is better as a chaser."


"I have no doubt Banks wins the title. Advertising for SmackDown on FOX has Becky in them heavily and she's not going to be bringing the Raw title over to the show when she is drafted there October 11. Becky is still way over and will be put in a better position chasing the SmackDown title again."

Martin Villa:

"Yes. They sending Becky to the 'A show,' SmackDown."

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