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* Johnny Gargano out. Gets a giant Johnny Wrestling for a few minutes before starting his promo. He does the usual "We Are NXT" promo, and says he's made his decision. Before he can announce it, he's interrupted by Shane Thorne. Thorne says they're wasting more time. He says he gets it, but this place is gonna be just fine without him. Thorne tells Johnny to take his bow, and take a walk. Gargano goes to leave and says he's right, but he's not going anywhere, and kicks Thorne. Gargano writes NXT in the air with his fingers and does the 4-life sign

* Pete Dunne defeated Angel Garza. Dunne with Digital Control to start as Garza attempted to do his tear away pants gimmick. Garza gets Dunne outside and kicks him while he's upside down on the apron. Garza tears the pants off to a huge pop. Garza with dropkick to Dunne's legs in the corner. Garza attempts a middle rope moonsault, but Dunne catches him and snaps his fingers in an armbar for a tapout

* Cameron Grimes defeated Raul Mendoza. Raul with a running shooting star for 2. They go back and forth. Grimes dodges a phoenix splash and hits the standing double stomp for the win

* NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler defeated Rhea Ripley by DQ in a non-title match. They go back and forth to start, with Rhea getting the better and taking control. Shayna reverses a suplex into a cradle for 2. Shayna catches Rhea in the ropes and turns the tide. Rhea gets caught in the choke, but backs Shayna into the corner. Shayna locks the choke in on the middle rope, dangling Rhea off the ground. Shayna gets knocked outside. Rhea puts her in an electric chair and drops her face first on the steps. Rhea rolls her in the ring when Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke run down. Rhea fights them off, but catches a knee from Shayna. Shayna gets a chair, but Rhea takes it away and hits Shayna for the DQ. Post match, Rhea sits in the chair and challenges Shayna as she holds the belt up on the stage