Steve Austin Praises The Street Profits, Has Strong Words For The "Spell Checkers" Of Twitter

WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin took to Twitter this week and praised The Street Profits of WWE NXT. Austin also had some advice for the "spell checkers" of Twitter.

Austin was responding to a tweet from Angelo Dawkins, which included a photo of he and Montez Ford backstage at Madison Square Garden with Austin during Monday's RAW. Stone Cold said The Profits have bright futures in WWE.


"At @TheGarden with the Street Prophets. Very talented cats. Bright futures. Stay tuned. @WWE," Austin tweeted.

Fans were quick to notice Austin's "Prophets" typo and quick to let him know about it. Austin then responded and told them to "F off", and to mind their own business.

"To the spell checkers out there... Do the letters FO many anything to you? If you mind your own business, then you won't be minding mine..Good night," Austin wrote.

Austin then confirmed to fans that his "FO" tweet included references to the "Smokey & The Bandit" movie, and legendary country music singer Hank Williams, Jr.

You can see the related tweets below, along with another backstage photo that Ford shared: