Former WWE Superstar Stevie Richards made a startling revelation about the original XFL during the latest episode of Dropkick DiSKussions. During the podcast, Richards revealed that he and also former WWE alumni Gene Snitsky were looking at trying out for an XFL team during its original run in 2000.

“Gene Snitsky, you know, the one that kicked the baby. He and I were considering trying out for XFL teams,” Richards said. “He was a former lineman, a lineman or a linebacker, one of the big trench guys. I was going to try out for field goal kicker because, back in high school, I was a field goal kicker, so I felt like it may be a cool thing to try out for. There was no team locally here for me to try out for so I didn’t end up doing it.”

The discussion then moved on to the new incarnation of the XFL, which is due to debut next year. Richards believes that, just like its previous run in the year 2000, the XFL won’t be around for very long.

“I think they were a year or two late,” Richards explained. “Last year, NFL were wavering in their popularity and XFL didn’t really capitalize on calling them out for the Kaepernick stuff, or the pass interference play.

“They didn’t really try to get on the NFL radar. In fact, I think they were trying to be a feeder league for the NFL, which has not been successful.

“The AAF, the Alliance of American Football, tried to do that – they’re done. The XFL will survive, I believe, maybe one season and that’s about it because the NFL has it locked down. It’s pretty much like everybody else with WWE. They have, for whatever criticism you have of WWE’s product, they are the ones that you always equate with professional wrestling, and I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon.”

You can watch the interview in the video above.