TJ Perkins is back on Impact with a new name and a new theme song. Previously known as Manik, Perkins is now gonig by TJP with Impact after spending the last three years with WWE.

TJP talked about his new Impact theme song when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

“I actually picked it. Originally they gave me a hip hop song but [Impact] swung and miss on that one,” TJP said before adding that they then gave him a database of songs and let him choose his own. “I wanted to find something a little more rock-n-roll as I felt that was something missing from my WWE stuff and at other places…

“I found a beat and added some lyrics to it and, I don’t know, I just like it. It sounds very me.”

He added that this song gets him more excited than previous songs and sometimes on the indies he’ll get paired with “Florida alt rock” but that’s not really his style.

Impact recently announced a new partnership with Twitch which is right up TJP’s alley because of his love of gaming. He talked about getting to work with Twitch now that he’s back with Impact.

“I wish I knew the ins and outs of expanding on Twitch because I stream on Twitch and I wish that I was better at it. I found it interesting coming back that one of their distribution platforms was having their content on there,” said TJP.

“I found that it is a strong outlook for their audience which is pretty cool.”

He added that Twitch is so heavily used for entertainment and he doesn’t know anyone else using it on the scale that Impact is. TJP then discussed ideas he has for Impact and Twitch.

“I would love to host a recap show that is set to the backdrop of me trying to speed through MegaMan while I basically play the role of Bobby Heenan in the control room running through matches for the week. I would love that,” revealed TJP.

“I have pitched that sort of thing so many times in so many places. But I haven’t pitched it since I’ve been back with Impact so maybe it’s worth dusting off that pitch.”

Both TJP and Fallah Bahh are of Filipino descent and Perkins talked about a possible tag team with his fellow Filipino.

“I’ve had a chance to spend some time around him and we hit it off immediately. That comes off very stereotypical [laughs] but we did,” TJP said before adding that Bahh helped him find Mexican pork rinds at the most recent tapings in Mexico.

“We get along really well and I’m looking forward to help him find his Beast Mode back, and on my side, I’m looking forward to letting out more of who I am and my personality in ways that I didn’t have an outlook before as a cruiserweight/X-Division guy.

“I think we’re able to complement each other in a lot of ways and put some stuff together that unlocks pieces of us that people otherwise didn’t get to see.”

TJP’s full interview with Wrestling Inc. aired as part of a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post.

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