Triple H Addresses Speculation On Vince McMahon Running WWE NXT On The USA Network

As seen below, Triple H spoke with talkSPORT's Alex McCarthy while in the UK for Saturday's WWE NXT UK "Takeover: UK" event. McCarthy asked about Dave Meltzer speculating on Vince McMahon having strong involvement in the main NXT brand when it premieres on the USA Network later this month.


Triple H dismissed that speculation and said Vince has basically told him to go make NXT a success. He also praised his father-in-law for the businessman that he is.

"Let's be honest, there's a lot of things that people like Dave say that don't make sense, because they don't approach things from a business standpoint," Triple H said. "Put it this way, we're going to be live on Mondays, we're going to be live on Wednesdays, we're going to be live on Fridays. There's so much bandwidth to go.... And the truth is that it's just funny, the small-mindedness of it, that people don't give Vince credit for being the businessman that he is. The speculation and rumors, and it's easy when people leave or they go their own way, to fan and to jump onto speculation and rumors, and a lot of it is, that's just what it is.


"So, when people talk about him as a businessman, there's just so many crazy misconceptions. The truth is, all of what we're doing right now, this business, is because of him. They took a failing industry, so to speak, in a period of time in the 80s, and turned it into a global phenomenon, when nobody else had the foresight to do it. All the things that he's done and where it is today, and people look at where it is today, and you hear them say negative things, and I'm like, 'Really?' Because we just signed billion dollar deals with Fox and USA. I'm not sure it's crumbling.

"He's also smart enough to understand the things that we do, and where they go, and the pieces of it. If you're asking the simple term answers... he's not involved, you know what I mean? Yeah, he's gonna have some say in some things, as far as like the brand sits and the marketing of it within USA and clearly, whatever he wants to do at the end of the day, but at this point in time, he's basically just said, 'Go make this thing a success.'"